How to teach a dog to give the leg

The dog is an animal that needs the figure of a leader to guide it. To do this, you must train your dog and teach the basic rules of behavior. The animal must see you as its pack leader and do what you ask. In addition to teaching your dog to do his needs, sit down or lie down, you can train him to do other things, like giving his leg . This type of orders are not so basic and impressive in the development of the animal but will help you strengthen the bond with your dog. If you have a pet and you want to know how to teach a dog to give up, read on and discover the steps you should follow.

Steps to follow:


To teach your dog to give the leg you will need dog treats. Training a dog is not a quick task, so you have to be patient because your pet will not learn to give up in an afternoon, it's a matter of days. It does not matter the age of the dog to train it, but keep in mind that it will always be easier to do it when it is a puppy.


To start training your dog and teach him to give the leg, take the candy and cover it with your hand so your dog can not see it, but smell it. Then, order your dog to sit down and bring the hand with the candy to your dog's muzzle. Do not place your hand in the center, but to the side so that it turns its head slightly and supports its weight on only one leg.


Encourage your dog to take the candy that you hide in your hand so that it raises its leg impulsively. Most dogs try to catch the food hidden in their hands with their feet. When your pet's paw touches your hand, open it, congratulate it and let it eat the treat. Remember that positive conditioning is vital to teach orders to your dog .


When the dog makes the previous gesture each time you approach your hand with the candy, it is time to enter the order . Use short words so that the animal can internalize before the tone and sound of the order. Thus, you can say "salute" or "leg". When your dog touches your hand, I gave the order and give him the prize. It is very important that you say the order before rewarding it so that it associates the movement of giving the leg with the word.


Once your dog has learned to give the leg with the order and the treat, it is time to repeat the order without candy and with an open hand . All this process of teaching your dog to give the leg will take days, so repeat it several times a day and insist on the exercise but always without overwhelming the dog.


If your pet does not raise his leg impulsively in Step 3, there is another technique to teach your dog to give up . Take your little leg that you want me to give you and give the order "salute" or "leg" at the same time. When you have your paw at the height of your head congratulate and give the treat as a reward. You will have to repeat this process for several days until the dog associates the movement with the order and does so alone.


Positive reinforcement is very important in the training of an animal, so you should congratulate him whenever he does something right. Punishment, on the other hand, will hurt you because you will associate orders with fear and you will not see them as something positive. For your dog to be happy and calm, you must reward it and dedicate part of your free time.