Advice for the education of adopted dogs

You have to bear in mind that your dog has suffered to be abandoned, therefore can be a fearful animal but at the same time grateful and faithful, and requires a period of adaptation to the new home and its components. In this article from .com we will explain how you should educate an adopted dog .

Steps to follow:


It is very important that from the first moment put on the collar of your dog a sheet with your phone number, which will be permanently. In case of loss is the best way to recover it, but also carry a microchip or tattoo, it is mandatory that it is identified in one of these two ways.


If the adopted dog is not the only one in the house you must also educate the other dog to learn to share the new space. An adopted dog requires more patience because it comes with a series of habits that must be removed and others that must be taken.


It is vital to emphasize the lower social status of the dog at home. The rules to follow to get a correct status are the following:

  • Do not feed your dog until you have eaten: the "chief dogs" eat first.
  • Play with him but make sure you win: the "boss dogs" always win.
  • Make sure your dog lets you through before you enter the gates: the "head dogs" pass first.

These and a multitude of subtle reinforcement techniques will make your dog verify that humans are the "head dogs" of the "herd".


At first you should go out with your dog on the leash, never let go. Little by little you will be able to see the reactions of your animal and you will be giving him confidence. A dog that is adopted may be confused and fearful at first, so it will tend to escape and flee. This only happens in the first stage, until you have earned their trust. You yourself will realize when this happens, since each dog needs a certain time depending on their circumstances.

  • The deal with an adopted dog must be firm but affectionate.