How to travel with my dog ​​in a car

A trip is always a great experience, but when it comes to spending a vacation away from the city, and our favorite companion goes on board, the transfer can become a nightmare for him and for us, and not all pets behave in the same way, that is why in .com we give you some suggestions to take into account so that you know how to travel with your dog in a car successfully

Steps to follow:


First of all take into account that just like us, they also need to carry luggage, in which you must include your food, some medications depending on the condition of the dog, your bed and your favorite toys to make you feel at home and comfortable wherever you go


It's great that your dog is free and with his tongue out of the window, great but not sure. You must move it in a suitable cage to its size and weight for its comfort and to keep it protected in case of sudden sudden braking, accident or collision


Although you frequently walk with the dog in your car, if you have never traveled with him, it is clear that he is only used to short transfers, so it is advisable to travel in the early hours of the morning and keep your pet fasting to avoid that the possible nerves and dizziness end up in vomiting that you bitter the trip


Your dog can easily endure several hours without eating, but what is essential is to keep it constantly hydrated, so you must take several containers of water to administer along the route by car


Sure you want to get to your destination as soon as possible, but if the route is more than two hours by car it is necessary to make one or more stops along the way. So not only will you stretch your legs, but you will give your dog the opportunity to run a little and relieve himself, and then resume the trip a little more relaxed


If you leave the car for a short time, remember to leave the window open so that the pet can breathe and avoid being delayed


Take into account that traveling with your dog can make the road a little longer, since you have to attend to their needs, however it does not matter how long it takes if both are comfortable and in good mood throughout the trip

  • If you have any doubt about whether or not your dog will be able to support a long car trip, it is best to consult your trusted veterinarian