How to socialize a puppy with adult dogs and people

When you have a puppy it may be because your adult dog has had a litter or because he has decided to have a puppy dog . Whatever the reason, you will know that at the beginning it can be complicated because you have to educate it. But your pet will not have a past with which to compete. Of course, to be a healthy and stable dog you have to know basic rules of training, in addition, it is very important to socialize. It can be an expensive job but it is very rewarding. That's why from .com we want to orientate you to how to socialize a puppy with adult dogs and people.

Your puppy

Your puppy until eight weeks will be nursing and will be a baby. Afterwards and until about ten weeks, I may have a period of fear. You will notice it quickly because it will be scared of everything that surrounds it since it is beginning to know its world. So that this fear does not take hold of him, he tries to make noises scarce and that there are no threatening factors, that he is calm. In this way this stage of fear will disappear alone.

As of ten weeks your puppy is already in its youth stage and will want to explore everything being extremely curious. This stage will last you until you are an adult dog. This stage is the most important since it is when you can work with your puppy socialization.

Socialize with other dogs

Your dog should know how to socialize with other dogs, both in the daily walk and if he lives with more dogs at home.

  • When you go for a walk with your puppy, allow him to meet other dogs. Let him sniff out his new friend and have some game. But if you feel intimidated or the other dogs bark at you, remove it.
  • At home, to socialize, invite people who also have dogs to play with you and each other. In this way you will help the dog-dog and dog-human socialization .
  • At home let him investigate his housemate, and let them play together.
  • The adult dog in your home will be the reference of the puppy and it is essential that it is a stable dog because it will feel curious about the puppy and play with it, instead a dog that is not balanced can bite your puppy and cause important mental sequels .
  • Each dog is a world and its socialization must be gradual. Do not pretend to get everything from one day to the next. Also you should not force your puppy to endure something that scares him, because you could cause phobia. Be patient.

Socialize with people

It is normal for your dog to have to socialize with people other than you. And that's why I'll tell you some tips to make it easier.

  • Introduce your puppy to your quieter friends and family at home and for short periods of time. Allow your puppy to approach them when your puppy wants and let him sniff or play with them. This way your dog will feel that he has control of the situation.
  • Make sure that the person who interacts with your dog likes dogs, since there are people who are afraid of dogs even if they are puppies.
  • When your dog feels comfortable before people introduce him to people of all kinds, they do not necessarily have to be all calm.
  • When your dog accepts adults, introduce them to children too for short periods of time. Supervise this meeting as children can play with your puppy more abruptly. This is important for them to get used to them.