How to feed a tarantula

Tarantulas are fascinating animals, famous for their large size and impressive tusks. They are insectivores so their diet should be based on the intake of insects. If you have a tarantula as a pet and you do not know how to feed it well, keep reading as in .com we tell you how to feed a tarantula and take care of this being as it deserves.

Steps to follow:


Tarantulas feed on insects so their food will not cost you. At the time of feeding them, you must take into account the size of the prey you are going to give, since it will have to be, at most, 1/4 the size of your pet.

The diet of your tarantula can be composed of lobsters, cockroaches, crickets, worms and grasshoppers but crickets are usually the favorites. You should never offer your tarantula animals that could be harmful such as wasps and bees. If you put food on it and do not eat it, remove it immediately from the terrarium and the next day repeat the process; I may reject it again but do not worry because I may be mute, or I may not be hungry.


These insects usually eat once a week, some even fast and it is very important that the prey you give them are alive so that your tarantula will devour them. You should also never forget to put water in your cabin, put a plastic container about 5 centimeters if your spider is adult.

When you go to feed your tarantula, the first thing you have to do is locate it. If when you are going to do it, it starts to climb, then you will have to push it gently so that it returns to the base with some object that does not damage it. Take a clamp to take the prey and place them inside the terrarium; If you are going to give him crickets, you will have to give him between 2 and 6 critters per week.


If your arachnid pet does not eat it all, remove all living or dead remains. In the case that you have given worms you must be careful not to hide and attack your tarantula when it is in the molting phase. But you must always do it to keep your house clean as long as possible.

The best time to feed your pet is at night, you should never manipulate it when you feed it (it is not a dog or a cat and you could stress it too much) and do not forget to close the lid of your cage because it could escape.


To feed your tarantula you have two options:

  • The first is to buy insects in specialized pet stores, there you can find all kinds of prey for your spider.
  • And the second alternative is to create the source of food, you could start a colony of cockroaches or crickets at home to feed your tarantula. So you will always have quality food, fresh and within your reach to take care of your pet.

A very important guideline is that you should not feed insects that you find on the street or in your home because they could be plagued with chemicals and insecticides. You can look for insects that are furthest from the fields and the city, since they are not contaminated. In we give you more tips so you can take care of a tarantula.


Finally, keep in mind that your tarantula, even if it does not eat, may be in perfect health. They are animals that only eat to survive and may be without food for a long time so we recommend that you do not suffocate if you spend a lot of time without eating.

To know if it is healthy, look at the opisthosoma (abdomen) of your spider: if it is rounded and somewhat fat, everything is going well; If it were crushed without volume, something fails and it will be convenient to take it to a specialist.