How to relax a cat

Do you need some guidelines to reduce your cat's stress or nervousness ? Cats, because of their wild and elusive origin, although they are very sociable and affectionate, can become very stressed and suffer great nerves at the slightest change. The cats are very prone to stress and suffer many pathologies related to the high levels of cortisol they produce. To avoid all these negative effects on your pet, in .com we explain how to relax your cat and take care of your well-being.

Steps to follow:


Cats are very routine animals, if you live with them you will have seen that they have a fairly stable schedule and any novelty is seen as an abnormal or even threatening event. If you spend a lot of time away from home you will notice, if you move, if you make renovations, are some of the changes that greatly alter the life of your cat especially if you are an adult. So that your cat does not suffer so much stress with the changes of the life you must accustom and socialize it from the 2 or 3 months of life, so that it does not face with fear to the novelties.


Cats like to relieve themselves, eat and drink with complete peace of mind, so the litter tray, the feeding trough and the trough should be in little traffic . In particular, the litter box should be far from your food or drink, because your privileged nose could make you relate the food to the stool and prevent it from feeding properly.

Apart you have to offer clean and fresh water daily and food in perfect condition. Any change in this direction can make your cat very nervous, and may cause undesirable behavior.


If your cat is a little nervous do not even think about introducing a new pet thinking that it will be positive for him, since his state of nervousness will get worse. If your cat has been the king of the house for a long time it may not be a good idea for you to bring a new friend, or at least it must be slow and with patience for both of you.

Spend time making presentations and for a while you could use a feed specially designed to calm your cat before the future change. On the other hand you should avoid leaving your cat in the company of other animals or strangers if you are not used to it, because it will be a source of additional stress . In our articles how to present two cats and how to introduce a new cat at home, we give you keys to properly incorporate a new pet without it representing a nervous breakdown for the current one.


The best way to treat your cat's nervousness is by spending time by its side . You are your favorite human and you will be the ideal person to caress him, give him a good massage and have a good time of games to relieve all that nervous tension, even if a cat does not require walks, it does need your company, love and moments of fun. Play every day with your cat especially if you do not have any more playmates, it is very important for your correct stimulation, it is a routine that will exhaust you and on top of that you will be distracted from your feline worries.

Pay attention to him, brush his hair, talk to him, stroke his back, give him rewards, let him sit by your side while you read or watch television, at the end of the day there are many moments that you should share with your cat to forge a strong bond and that your pet feels loved and safe.


A good solution to calm the nerves of your stressed cat, is to use a diffuser of pheromones that sell in specialized stores or in the veterinarian. It is an air freshener manufactured based on an imitation of feline facial pheromones, with this type of product you can help to prevent or reduce the state of stress of your cat caused by environmental changes.

Another interesting and natural alternative to soothe your cat are the Bach flowers . There is a product especially designed for cats that is composed of extracts of various flowers that are preserved in alcohol, this relieves the mental or physical trauma of the felines and just by applying a drop on the skin of your head you will begin to notice improvement. It is a very effective natural remedy although not all cats respond equally, it is always ideal for the veterinarian to recommend the most appropriate combination for your cat.


If the stress state of your cat is constant you will have to talk to your veterinarian because a nervous cat can get to suffer serious health problems. They can become depressed, stop eating, change their behavior, and even their immune system can become resentful, making them the target of many diseases.

Do not let this situation happen and contact a professional if you think it is necessary.