How to care for a bulldog's skin

In addition to fun, bulldog dogs are ideal to have in a flat, since they tend to bark little, they are not too big and have short hair. For that reason, and because of their characteristic appearance, they are increasingly popular. If you have decided to have a bulldog (either English or French) as a pet, you should know that your skin needs special care. Therefore, in .com we explain how to take care of the skin of a bulldog .

Steps to follow:


Many of the skin problems of bulldogs are caused by allergy, and, in this sense, food plays a key role. Therefore, it is advisable to feed the bulldogs only with hypoallergenic feed or with specific feed for sensitive skins, available in veterinary centers and stores specializing in pets.


Reinforcing the natural protective barrier of the skin is highly beneficial in these breeds of dogs, to reduce the typical problems of allergy and to keep your hair strong and healthy.

This can be achieved with supplements rich in fatty acids, which are usually available in the form of capsules, or with a compound called phytosphingosine, which you can usually find in the form of a spray or pipette. Your veterinarian will guide you on this point.


Check regularly the skin and ears of your bulldog to try to anticipate the problem. The otitis in these dogs are usually caused and / or potentiated by allergies, so if you notice that your bulldog is scratching or shaking his ears, we advise you to visit a veterinarian.

Other signs that the allergy may be starting to develop is redness (caused by dermatitis, which is an inflammation of the skin) between the fingers or in the belly area.


It controls external parasites, since fleas are a frequent cause of allergy and itching. It is best to use pipettes with insecticide (once a month even in winter), although some collars can also offer sufficient protection. Normally, the protection provided by repellent shampoos and natural methods (pipettes and necklaces with plant essences, etc.) are insufficient to control the problems arising from fleas in bulldogs.