How to go with my dog ​​to the snow

During the winter many pet owners want to go out with their dog for a walk or play in the snow . However, our pets are not prepared for this, so it is important to take some measures in order to maintain their health and enjoy the experience to the fullest. In .com we give you some tips so you know how to go with your dog to the snow without risking their health.

Steps to follow:


Protecting our dog from the cold is very important, especially when temperatures drop too low. When it comes to snow, those breeds with long and abundant hair do not need any type of additional coat, as their fur protects them optimally. However, those animals with very short hair require a coat, as they are not prepared to withstand the cold naturally.

You can buy a piece of clothing for your dog in any specialized store, remember that it should not fit or bother you anywhere in your body.


The pads of our dog's legs are very sensitive, and when it comes to running, walking and playing in the snow, you can end up suffering damage, that's why it's important to protect them. If you plan to visit the snow in advance, buy a reinforcer for the pads of the feet in a veterinary shop, and apply it for several days before going to the snow.

This will help them to become more resistant, supporting the lower temperatures better.


Before going for a walk in the snow, it is advisable that you apply some Vaseline on the pads of your legs. Its moisturizing capacity will help to protect the area and prevent the cold from causing cracks and wounds. Repeat this process whenever you plan to go with your dog to the snow.


Also after each walk, take the time to check your dog's legs and make sure they are in good condition. If the pads have cracks or look dry, apply petroleum jelly at least twice a day


You can play with your dog in the snow and leave the one who has fun on this great ride. However, make sure you do not eat snow, this could cause upset stomach, nausea and vomiting.


It is also important not to lose track of the animal, because if it is a large space that you do not know, you could get lost. Many pet owners prefer, for safety, to take their dog to the snow with a fluorecente vest to locate the dog more easily in case of loss, a convenient alternative especially if it is small or has a very light coat.


If when you go for a walk with your dog to the snow it is very sunny, it is recommended that the animal is not exposed for too long to the reflection of it in the snow, because as it happens with humans, delicate parts of its body like the nose They could get burned by the sun.