How to drive with rain safely

When it is bad weather it is important to be clear about how to drive with rain safely to avoid possible accidents that occur due to weather conditions. To help you avoid these problems, in .com we present the keys to driving with rain safely .

Steps to follow:


Before leaving, always have your tires ready . Worn tires can be the cause of aquaplaning and the dangers involved. The drawing of the tires has to be deep, the more worn out the less water evacuates the tire and the easier it is to have problems.


Moderate the speed depending on the rainfall that is falling. With rain the risks increase and the reaction time of the vehicle is greater. Do not run and you will reduce the risks enormously.


Turn on all lights, including fog lights so everyone can see you easily. The rain greatly reduces visibility, especially between sunset and sunrise, in addition to turning on all the lights of your vehicle, pay special attention to those around you.


Keep a safety distance greater than usual. With wet pavement the braking distance is greater since the coefficient of friction is reduced, we must maintain a sufficient safety distance so that we can brake in case of emergency without hitting the vehicle in front.


In case of seeing you surprised, in spite of the precautions, by the aquaplaning do the following to avoid problems: Do not brake, do not accelerate, or release the accelerator suddenly. Hold the steering wheel firmly and do not try to keep the wheels straight.