How to prevent my dog ​​from barking at other dogs - the best tips

Many times dogs can react in an aggressive way when they go for a walk in the street. It may be that, when encountering another dog, they bark fiercely and aggressively, making the situation a bit dangerous. It is important to understand the animal well to understand why it has this reaction and, also, what to do to avoid and control it. In this article we are going to answer your question "How do I prevent my dog ​​from barking other dogs?" giving you some good advice and recommendations that you can put into practice from today.

Why my dog ​​barks to other dogs

In order to prevent your dog from barking other dogs it is important that you understand the origin of the animal's behavior. You have to bear in mind that your attitude does not stop being a reflection of something that is disturbing you and, therefore, we must know it and be able to correct it.

Here we discover the reasons why your dog barks other dogs. Analyze the behavior of the animal and, in this way, you can get it to live in a more peaceful and calm.

Canine Stress

One of the most common reasons is that the animal lives in an environment of stress and anxiety. That is, if you do not eat well, if you do not spend enough time or if your basic needs are not met, it is likely that you will not live placidly and, therefore, suffer from stress. This emotion can cause you, when encountering another animal, to express your anger and anxiety with him through barking and defiant attitude. It is your way of releasing your tension. In this other article we help you to know if your dog is stressed.

It is not well socialized

Many times, dog owners overprotect them to the point that the animal does not feel safe when it goes out. It may be that a simple beeping of a car's horn or the noise of a bicycle passing by makes the animal tense and not comfortable during the ride. It is important that the dog is accustomed to life in society and that you work to take away any fears you may have when you go out on the street. In case you do not know how to do it, you can contact a dog trainer who will help you improve your quality of life.

Barks for excess enthusiasm

We also have to know our dog and know if it is an animal that is excited and excited easily. If so, their barking can be, simply, barking of play and amusement. This you can detect if, when playing with other animals, you see that the dog also barks. In these cases, the barking should not be seen as something negative but as a way to express the animal.

He is afraid

In order to prevent your dog from barking at other dogs it is important that you know it well. Many dogs are afraid of other dogs and their way of reacting is through an aggressive and defensive attitude. Normally, this animal profile is usually one that has lived on the street or has had traumatic experiences in the past. His barks appear because he considers the other animal a danger and has to defend himself before it attacks him. In this other article we discover how to treat fears in dogs.

My dog ​​barks to other dogs when it is tied, is it normal?

A very common situation is that your dog does not usually bark when he is with other dogs playing but, on the other hand, he does when he is walking with the leash. In these cases, the animal is experiencing anxiety because they feel helpless in the face of a possible fight with the opponent in front of them. He knows that he does not have the freedom of movement to protect himself and, therefore, he decides to bark as a preventive measure.

The objective that your dog really pursues with its barking is to prevent other dogs from approaching them while tied. In this way, he avoids being surprised or attacked without having enough room to move.

Keep in mind that, by tying the dog, we may be increasing his feeling of insecurity and make him feel much more helpless and vulnerable. Therefore, it is important that we show confidence and that, during the ride, you are both calm and together.

Tips to prevent your dog from barking at other dogs

But let's get into the matter: how to prevent your dog from barking at other dogs? Once you have analyzed the behavior of the animal and you have found out or intuited what might be the origin of its barking, we recommend you to carry out the exercises and techniques that we indicate you next. In this way, you will be able to calm the anxiety and get the animal to enjoy their daily walks.

Exercise 1: Stop

To prevent your dog from barking at other dogs, we recommend that you do this exercise. As soon as you see that there is a dog coming towards us, stand up and tell your dog to sit down. Now, you will have to caress and relax it to avoid that the anxiety can take hold of it. Connect with the animal and transmit security and tranquility. In this way, we will avoid that the irrational fear will come to the surface and that the dog will be much calmer and calmer when the other dog arrives.

Exercise 2: Make her live quietly

It is important that the animal is not stressed at home. Therefore, we recommend that you give a quiet and optimal environment for your well-being. Also, whenever you act in a positive way, give him a reward recognizing his good work. When you do something wrong, do not talk to him or interact with him so that he understands that, in this way, you are not happy.

Exercise 3: Do not shout at him

It is important not to increase the stress of the animal when it is barking. Therefore, if it is in full swing, do not shout at it or give it a blow. Keep in mind that this attitude will further upset the animal and make its behavior worse. What you have to do is continue with the walk in a firm way so that the dog does not get more nervous. Above all, do not pick up the strap or jerk it because the animal will get even more nervous.

Exercise 4: The technique of distraction

One of the best techniques that can help you avoid your dog barking other dogs is that, the moment you see another dog coming, distract yours with treats. In this way, fear or anxiety will be reduced by this peaceful moment that has just lived. To give him the prize, nothing better than asking him to sit down, for example, and that way you reinforce his positive attitude.

And, finally, if you want your dog to live in a peaceful way it is important that you do not force it. You do not have to take him to the park every afternoon to play with other dogs if he is not ready yet. It is better to go little by little and, over time, the animal will lose the fear or anxiety that it has on contact.