How to care for a stray cat

If an abandoned cat has appeared on your way and you have decided to adopt or care for it while you find a new family, it is very important that, in addition to providing the necessary care, you should take into account some recommendations to ensure your safety and the health of the pet. This feline is for now your responsibility, that is why in .com we explain how to take care of a stray cat and guarantee its welfare to the maximum.

Steps to follow:


Something you must be very clear about when you find a stray cat is that you do not know the animal's health, nor is it clear if it is an abandoned cat or one that has been lost. That is why it is necessary that you approach with great caution because the abandoned animals are usually fearful and nervous, if you approach violently the cat can flee or attack you.

A good idea to promote the approach is to attract it with food, preferably with cat croquettes. If the animal reacts aggressively or if you think your health is in danger and you can not catch it, call an animal shelter to help you catch it and transfer it to a medical center.


It is very important that in the following hours you find the cat you take to the veterinarian to determine first if the pet has a chip, and therefore an owner, and additionally if he is healthy. The veterinarian must thoroughly check the cat and apply the necessary vaccines so that the cat can grow healthy.

A medical check-up is very important because the cat can suffer diseases transmissible to humans that have not been previously treated and that, therefore, could endanger your health and that of your family. The safety of all and the health of the animal come first.


Once the animal has been checked by a veterinarian, it is time to take an important step: get a home . If you can not stay with the cat do not hesitate to spread through social networks and on the websites of the animal shelters a warning to find the cat's family, the more people around you know their existence, the easier it will be to find a family to take care of it.


If, on the contrary, you have decided to stay with the stray cat and take care of it in your home, you must be very clear that the animal will take some time to adapt to domestic life, so it is essential not to burden it with too much affection or attention.

Cats that have been previously abandoned have a tendency to independence and loneliness, in addition to being very selective with people. It is important that you give the cat affection and caresses but at the same time allow him to adapt to live in a closed space and your cares.


Be patient and let the cat also find you and begin to get used to the idea that they now live together. If you do not know how to feed it in our articles how to choose my cat's food and how much my cat should eat, we answer your questions.


It is also important that you teach the animal to use the sandbox to maintain hygiene in the home. It is very likely that your feline tries to mark territory and have a behavior similar to what he had when he lived on the street, to prevent this from happening you must be patient and offer the cat other tools.

The scrapers are a fundamental piece in the home, because they will allow the animal to sharpen its nails without damaging your furniture. In the same way the toys will also help you to maintain your active hunting instinct and to be entertained.


One feature that you will probably have to deal with when bringing a stray cat home is your tendency to urinate the house to mark territory. To avoid this happening you can take some measures that we detail in our article how to prevent my cat from urinating the house, but we anticipate that a very timely measure is sterilization, which will also end periods of heat and the tendency to mark territory .


In addition to these recommendations, the feline deserves the same care as any other pet, with regular visits to the vet, love and attention to stay healthy and happy. Be patient and you will see how in a few weeks the cat adapts to his new home in a satisfactory way.