How to choose the food bowl for my dog

The bowl of food is one of the elements that are part of the daily life of our dog and, therefore, we must base your choice on serious criteria that cover all your needs. Most of us do not pay enough attention to this object and we choose it based on our tastes and not on the need of our pet. Thus, we must take into account both the size and the material from which they are manufactured. If you want to know how to choose the bowl of food for your dog, in this article we show you the basic criteria that you must take into account to select the perfect bowl.

Steps to follow:


One of the most important aspects that we must take into account when choosing the bowl of food for our dog is the material itself. We can find plastic, ceramic or stainless steel bowls.


The plastic bowls are very comfortable to clean and do not break easily but present a very big drawback, they can produce joys to our dog. It does not necessarily have to be like that, but it happens more often than we think. So, if your dog has allergy symptoms and you thought it could be caused by food, try changing the plastic bowl because it may be the cause.


Ceramic bowls are the least recommended of all because of their fragility and ease of breaking. In addition, ceramic is an element with a very high degree of porosity that damages its cleaning and favors pollution.


The stainless steel bowls are the most advisable due to their multiple advantages. They do not produce allergies, they do not break, they are cleaned easily and, if they are of good quality, they are anticorrosive, so they do not release toxic substances on the dog's food. In addition, they present very varied and beautiful designs.


The size of the bowl is another aspect that we must take into account when choosing the right one. It is evident that if our dog is of small breed we can not buy him a bowl of very large food. The size of the bowl should match the size of your dog.


The personality of the dog is crucial to choose a bowl of food or another. A glutton dog does not require the same bowl as a more delicate dog. For dogs that eat a lot, it is advisable to buy a bowl of food with the raised edge, to avoid food falling and make the dog work a little more, avoiding, also, that it engulfs. For this type of dogs, it is also recommended that the bowl has a rubber base so that the feeder does not move from the site.


Finally, we must take into account the size of our dog's ears . Why? Because if our pet has long ears and does not have the proper feeder, it can insert the ears into the food and hinder the activity. There are bowls specially designed for this type of dog, with long ears like the cocker spaniel. They are taller and narrower than the rest to prevent the ears from entering.


Now that you know how to choose the bowl of food for your dog do not wait any longer and get the feeder that best suits the needs of your dog.