How to prevent my cat from getting on the table

Cats love to climb all kinds of surfaces that involve an interest or a challenge. One of those areas that your cat climbs unless you prevent it is the table, and that is because it is a very interesting area that usually suppose something especially pleasing to him. If you do not mind that your cat goes up to the table where you eat or cook, you do not have to keep reading. But if you find it really annoying and unhygienic, beware of the tips that from .com we are going to give you on how to prevent your cat from going up to the table.

Steps to follow:


If you really think it's a problem that your cat gets on the table and you do not know what to do to change that behavior, pay attention to what we are going to tell you. Like any habit, it can be altered with patience and education. Cats are very curious animals and with their special ability as climbers, can reach any surface to catch something they want.


The first step so that your cat does not climb to the table, is to leave nothing on it that has the slightest interest. This includes papers, keys, plastic bottles, some cardboard box, tupper, among others. Actually, any object that can be fun for a cat to play. And above all, do not forget to leave nothing edible . The idea is that if the cat jumps to see what is on the table, do not see anything attractive and do not do it again, although this process will not be immediate. If your cat has been doing it for a while, it will not stop doing it from one day to the next, so be patient and try not to leave anything on the table for a while.


Try to give your cat the food before you sit down at the table. If your cat is satisfied, it will not ask for food, nor will it begin to haunt your legs and it will be unlikely that it will go up to the table asking for or demanding attention. If still, your cat insists on going to the table be firm and tell him not to go up. Think that your cat is not hungry, now only curiosity moves him. If it is impossible, you will have to distract your attention with a toy while you finish eating or cooking.


You must be very patient with your cat's education. It is essential that each time you go up to the table, download it immediately and say no clearly and firmly. Your cat must understand that this behavior is not acceptable, so do not confuse him by giving him pampering or prizes when he jumps. Because if you do this, your cat will understand that you are rewarding their behavior.


To get your cat to stop going to the table, you can also use techniques that will make that area unpleasant or annoying for your cat. You can use a sensor spray that automatically detects a movement, unloads an annoying spray for your cat. It's not harmful to your cat, it's just not going to like it and you'll notice it every time it jumps. It is a great learning method that does not imply the presence of the master.

Another way that your cat stops jumping is to put some adhesive tape on the table, because when it jumps, its little feet will stick and it will not be funny. Sometimes it also works to leave some aluminum foil, because when they jump it makes a very unpleasant noise.


Another way to educate your cat to stop going up to the table, is with the use of annoying noises . The sounds are a powerful deterrent, a balloon that explodes, a bell, the sound of a spray, the microwave, etc. Whatever the noise, the important thing is that you do not know that it is you who do it because if you notice, you will jump to the table when you are not at home. Once you know how to scare him, leave that object on the table and remind him of what he felt.