How to study at home without losing concentration

It is common to wonder how many hours of study are needed per day. But for a student is never enough, studying is a job that requires a full-time dedication. And "enough" depends on the type of studies, the age and the performance of each student.

You will need to:
  • books
  • Chair
  • Room
  • Table
  • Light
Steps to follow:


To perform to the maximum you have to keep to the maximum of the explanations received in the classes taking good notes.


The place of study has to be adequate, quiet, with good light and ventilated. To allow more concentration and motivation and thus take advantage of time. Use a comfortable chair and a table cleared of anything that may distract you.


Use different study techniques such as retests or quick readings, and have all the notes up to date.


Establish study schedules and meet them. The periods of study must be 50 minutes of study alternated with 10 minutes of rest.


Leave the most easy for the beginning and for the end of the study hours.


Plan the jobs and do not leave them until the end.


Take conscience of what makes you waste your time and avoid it.


Set attainable goals and motivate you.


Do not study with music, you can only use it and very soft when you perform routine tasks that do not require almost concentration.


For students who find it difficult to maintain attention, it is useful to read the topic that the teacher will explain the next day, because they will pay attention to what they did not understand in reading it.


If you are easily distracted in class and do not pay attention, take notes. This is how it is harder to get lost.

  • If you need help, ask a psychologist.