How to care for a Pekinese

Do you want to know how to take care of your little Pekingese? Well keep reading because we are going to tell you some tips so that your pet has the best of lives. The Pekingese is a small dog of Chinese origin, very intelligent, excellent guardian, eager to learn, stubborn, and very affectionate. With some simple guidelines you will see how the care of your pet is very easy. In .com we tell you how to take care of a Pekingese.

Steps to follow:


One of the first things that you must take into account is to start very soon with the control of the sphincters. If your Pekingese comes home being a puppy, take time to educate him because they are somewhat complicated pets because of their stubborn nature. Use the rewards intensively to train and learn to relieve yourself when you should.

Every time your pet eats, drinks and plays take him to the street to encourage him to relieve himself, so he will get used to and associate the street with it and remember to congratulate your dog every time he does it, it is basic for him to continue doing it.


Another important care for your Pekingese is your diet . You should give puppy food whose main ingredient is meat and avoid products such as soy, corn, artificial preservatives and any component that may be aggressive to the stomach of your pet. Consult your veterinarian the best option to feed him and keep your Pekingese strong and healthy.

You will have to feed him 3 times a day in small portions . The amount of food will depend on the weight of your dog. In the food packaging you can see the daily recommendations. Be prudent with the indications, because the Pekingese gain weight very easily. If you gain excess weight, talk to your trusted veterinarian to monitor your diet and start a physical activity routine to get in shape. Remember that you should always have clean, fresh water at your fingertips.


A fundamental and vital care is vaccines, make your Pekinese is vaccinated against all infectious diseases, especially those that are fatal as parvovirus and distemper. Respect the vaccination schedule because your dog's health depends on it.

When it is a newborn puppy and it has not yet been vaccinated, do not take it to a public place. Peking people are very likely to suffer from colds, so do not approach others who are sick because you will run an unnecessary risk. And another aspect that you should consider is not to expose your pet to extreme temperatures because due to its short snout is very prone to respiratory diseases.


For your Pekingese to be an educated and obedient dog you will have to train him since he is very small with simple orders. You can start by asking him to sit down, with a prize you can draw him back to finish sitting. With this simple command and with the help of a treat or other edible prize, your Pekinese every time you say "sit", he will do it. Continue with other guidelines such as "quiet", "down" or "come".

The dogs of this breed are very stubborn, so you will have to be very persistent and have a firm hand. This does not mean being aggressive, these dogs are very sensitive, so with the help of positive reinforcers and with time, you will get it.


You should also exercise your pet with the leash when it is small so that when you can go for a walk you are used to it. They are a bit lazy dogs but do not worry because they do not need much physical activity. The important thing is to go for a walk, calmly and enjoy the moment. It is recommended that you stimulate them with entertaining toys so that they play and do not get bored and, if possible, do not take them all out at once because they will lose interest.

Due to their somewhat stubborn and domineering nature, they are somewhat complicated pets with the game routine (and in general with learning), so you must strive to capture their interest so that they play and learn by your side. It is important to reinforce the bond you have with your dog.


Regarding aesthetic care, the most important thing is the brushing of your beautiful coat . They tend to have long, soft and fine hair with a tendency to tangles, so it is advisable to comb their hair every day. With this simple gesture, you will keep your hair perfect and do it since you are little so that you do not mind that beauty ritual. And if you get used to your pet you could give it a good bath with a moisturizing gel every 2 or 3 months, or when it is really necessary. If you enjoy being bathed, you can do it whenever you want.


Finally, you should keep your pequinés nails short because they will feel more comfortable, avoid injuries to the feet and help prevent arthritis as it gets older. If you do not know how to cut your dog's nails, go to the vet to do it or teach you how to do it. You can start filing your nails at a young age, in fact if you do it from the beginning you will get used without problems to be manipulated. The nails will have to be cut every 2 or 3 months and also the fur that stays between the pads.