How to understand my rabbit

It is true that when we have a pet we like to understand what we want to convey and understand us even if they are simple orders to establish a little communication with them. When we have a cat or a dog as a pet it is easier for us to understand them, because they have richness in their body language and know how to do so that we understand the needs they have. But, what happens when our pet is a rabbit ? Are we able to understand what they want to tell us? Through his way of acting he tells us many things. From .com we want to orientate you to how to understand my rabbit.

Keep in mind

Think that your rabbit can see you as a predator and have fear instead of seeing you as his friend, so it is important that you understand and know how he acts and what he wants to tell you. Rabbits can be very intelligent, affectionate, sociable and very funny, but without a good education they can become aggressive, spoiled and stubborn. To be able to understand and be able to have a good relationship with your rabbit you must be patient, since afterwards it is very rewarding.


When he sniffs everything, he wants to tell you that he is curious about something new, be it an object, a place or a person. You may also have smelled a strange smell. If you move your nose very quickly it will mean that you have a lot of interest and curiosity. If you do not smell or move your nose, it is because you are relaxed and calm. Your rabbit, by its nature is very curious.

Hit the ground with its hind legs

When he hits the ground with his hind legs and makes a lot of noise he is telling you that he is scared and he communicates with this noise. It may also be that you are getting your attention because you feel lonely or because you are angry.


If your rabbit growls, he's definitely angry . The stronger the grunt is, be careful because there is a chance that it will bite or scratch you. If he is telling you that he is angry through his grunts, do not bother him anymore. It can be jealousy, or simply that it has a bad day.

He does not want you to touch his things

Rabbits are very territorial animals, and if you're fixing the cage and you see that it gets very nervous, it's not like you're cleaning your cage. If he gets very tense he can even try to bite or scratch you to tell you. Rabbits are habits animals, and if you order the cage, will be able to mess everything up so that it is as he wants. If he gets nervous when you're fixing the cage, it's better to wait and get back on track when he's out and do not notice.

He gets angry with you

If the rabbit feels upset or angry with you, it will indicate it quickly and you will notice it right away. It will put itself in position of attack overturning all its weight backwards to be able to throw itself towards you if it was necessary, it will look at you defiant and it will throw the ears back. Be careful and approach your height little by little, do not try from above because it will see you as an aggressor. Try to put your hand on his head watching that he does not turn to bite or scratch you. Do not put your hand in front of the nose because it will attack you. Leave your hand in his head for a while so he knows you are sending and that you will not hurt him. If he does not leave, it is because he accepts it even if he is angry. If you move away, keep trying until you get it.

Climb everywhere

Rabbits like to look at things from above, and whenever they have a chance, they will climb on furniture, sofas and everything they can. If there are cables in the middle better than the asides, since they love to nibble them.

Lay on the floor

When you feel tired, or just want to be calm, you will lie down and stretch on the floor. If his legs are cramped is because he feels suspicious and to run.

It's bad

If you do not eat, you defecate differently and you notice it without wanting anything, be careful because you may feel sick. If it lasts more than three or four days, observe its evolution and in case of doubt go to the veterinarian . If it hits a sharp and penetrating squeal, it is because it is suffering from intense pain or it can even be a sign of death. This shriek should never be heard if your rabbit is healthy.

Other behaviors

  • Urinating everywhere This behavior is used to mark your territory.
  • He plucks out his hair and makes a nest . If your rabbit is female and has this behavior without having been with any male can have a psychological pregnancy.
  • He rubs his chin . It is marking its territory.
  • He frantically bites the bars . It is telling you that you need to get out of the cage and exercise.
  • Jump and run . Is happy.
  • Throw objects in the air . It may be because he is playing or because it bothers them.
  • Throw the feeder through the air . It may be because he is playing or because he wants more food.
  • Escarba It's something instinctive of rabbits.

I'm your friend

If he lies down beside you, plays at being chased or chased, gives you licks and likes to be with you, he undoubtedly loves you . Another way to tell you is your friend is looking for your caresses, either putting your head in your hands looking for your love, or circling your ankles, although this may also indicate that you are in heat.