How to care for a guinea pig

If you choose a guinea pig as a pet you must know how to take care of it so that it has a happy and healthy life. The guinea pigs are affectionate and vivacious and if you can raise her since she was young she will be your great companion. They are gregarious animals so they like to be in a group. They are very sensitive to changes, diet and the environment, so it is essential to take good care of them to prevent them from getting sick. From .com we will explain how to care for a guinea pig so that your coexistence will be good and lasting.

Adaptation to the new home

The adaptation of your guinea pig to your new home is essential. For this it is convenient that you condition your cage properly and give yourself some time to adapt to your new home. Even if you really want to fuck and caress, wait until you know that this is your new home.

If you already have a guinea pig at home and you want them to become friends, you must first condition the new guinea pig in a smaller cage next to the guinea pig cage that you have at home so that they smell and know each other. When they get to know each other, little by little you will be able to put the new guinea pig in the cage of your new friend for a short time until there is a definitive adaptation.

At first, you may flee from fear, but unlike other rodents like rabbits, guinea pigs do not bite. Give him time to get to know you and take confidence.

Feeding guinea pigs

You can find meals for guinea pigs in specialized stores and even in hypermarkets. Your food should be put in a stainless steel container. Its food must be combined with feed and vegetables. The vegetables should be cut into pieces to make their digestion easier.

If you give him a prize he will like it, it can be fruit. You must also have hay or alfalfa. You can never miss clean and fresh water .

Guinea pig hygiene

Maintaining good hygiene of your guinea pig is very important. You can bathe your guinea pig every three or four months. When you do it is essential that you take care of the temperature since the water can not be too cold or too hot. The shampoo you should use ask your veterinarian to tell you which is the best option, and that it never gets in your eyes. You can also use shampoos for dry cleaning that are more comfortable and very suitable in cold weather.

To dry you should do it with a cotton towel and soft, and never do it with a hairdryer, because besides being scared with the noise is dangerous. Brush her hair to avoid knots.

If your pet has legumes, it is a good idea to remove them with a wet swab. Another essential aspect that you must take into account is that you must deworm your guinea pig, both internally and externally.

We invite you to read this other article if you want to go deeper into knowing how to bathe a guinea pig .

Maintenance and advice

Finally I will give you some more tips to take care of your guinea pig :

  • Never put two males or two females together, if you want your guinea pig to have a partner, it must be the opposite sex.
  • Avoid any kind of current because it could make your guinea pig sick.
  • The guinea pigs urinate a lot so that putting absorbent chips in the cage is appropriate, in addition to changing them often to avoid humidity and possible diseases by dirt.
  • The cage is suitable to be large, since the guinea pigs like the large space, you can also take a little time a day to run around the floor to exercise and avoid getting bored or obese. When you leave him free in the house, you must watch him so he does not bite wires.
  • You can give him bird or cat toys so he does not get bored. The cardboard of the roll of the toilet paper is usually one of his favorite toys.