How to start working as a photographer

You are passionate about photography and have the minimum equipment necessary to take pictures, these two conditions have made you think about starting to work as a photographer . Very good, but you should know that it is not enough with just that and that it is necessary to have other basic tools to let the world know your talent and make money with one of the most competitive professions we can find. Need help to start ?, Keep reading because in .com we give you some basic tips so you can discover how to start working as a photographer .

Steps to follow:


The first step to start working as a photographer is, of course, to have the necessary professional team . It is clear that not everyone can afford luxuries like a suitcase of lights to light up a session, but at least you should have the basics at a professional level:

  • A good reflex camera
  • Memory cards
  • goals
  • Tripod
  • Flashes
  • Black and white backgrounds
  • A photo editing program and a powerful computer that allows you to work properly

This is the most basic, but of course you must then acquire the equipment you need according to your specialization, for example the suitcases of lights for interiors and exteriors, the different lenses, reflectors, etc. Depending on the type of work you can also determine the needs.


You must know something: if you expect to earn money as a photographer you must invest in your professional training . If you have done it and have studies or courses that accredit you and that also allow you to have certain knowledge at a professional level, very well! If not, the recommendation is to do it, because you can learn many things you did not know and, more importantly, meet people involved in this medium who can help you later.


You may be the most talented of all, but if you want to start working as a photographer it is essential to make your work known. You must have at least one portfolio, but not at home where nobody can see it, but at a place that anyone can reach. Having a web page is the best way for others to check your work, serving as an excellent cover letter.

You do not need a professional for this task, you only need to acquire your own domain and host and use any of the many alternatives available to design your own website, among which are the free Wordpress templates, for example.


In addition to a web page on which to post your work, having active social networks that help you get known will be essential. A professional Facebook page can be of great help, but also do not leave aside the social networks that have been thought and created specifically for the image: Instagram, Flickr and Pinterest, all are an excellent way to promote your work and get much farther.


To start working as a photographer you must know that contacts are essential. Not only from the point of view of knowing people who can hire your services or recommending you, but also to have on hand a list of places, studios and professionals that can help you in case you have a photo shoot that you can not handle yourself.

If you have a studio, know some in your city at a good price and have your phone and email is basic. In the same way it is convenient to identify equipment rental companies, people who can serve as assistants and all kinds of suppliers that you may need when the time comes to head an important photo shoot.


You do not want a client to ask for a quote and you have no idea how much to charge him. This problem commonly faced by freelance workers is solved in a simple way: create a list of reference prices by working hours and type of project and adjust it when necessary. Knowing the prices established by the union or other professionals with your same experience will be very useful to establish your initial costs.

Also do not forget that you are starting and that offering a competitive price for your work can help you find new customers.


Dedicating yourself to a profession means that you must be very clear about the legal aspect regarding collection and billing . In countries such as Spain it is necessary to register as self-employed to invoice and collect the regular work done and that exceed the profit rate of 3, 000 euros per year. In other countries you only need to make a bill with the legal specifications and, later, declare the VAT of the work done. Each nation has its normal and it is important to know them.

Being aware of the legislation of the country where you want to start working as a photographer is essential, in this way you will begin to exercise well and without legal problems.


Last but not least: always, always! advertise your work, because you never know who will be listening. Letting people know what you do and not be afraid to offer your work when necessary is very important, because there is nothing more powerful than word of mouth to start in a professional environment that is really competitive.

Courage, with effort, good ideas and dedication it is possible to start working as a photographer and achieve success.