What kind of motorcycle helmets are there

In the market there are many models of motorcycle helmet depending on the design or material, but we can catalog them into three large types based on the level of protection they offer. The usual thing is that as they are more secure they are more uncomfortable. This is something inevitable, but before opting for a type of helmet or another you should assess the importance of this safety element. In .com we explain what type of motorcycle helmets there are.

Open helmets

The open helmets are the most comfortable and the most aesthetic, so they are preferred by many drivers, especially in summer, when the heat is squeezing. However, they are very unsafe, so they are expected to be withdrawn because they do not fulfill their function. Currently, they are only allowed to be worn as a safety measure on mopeds.

Full-face helmets

Full-face helmets are the safest, because due to their shape they offer protection for the head, face and jaw, so that they completely protect the motorbike driver from damaging these vulnerable areas in a fall.

Within this general category of integral helmets, we can find many types of helmet depending on the materials with which they are manufactured: thermoplastic, fiber, etc.

Modular helmets

Modular helmets, also known as jet or semijet, are very similar to integral helmets, with the difference that the part that protects the chin can be opened. Thus, with this type of helmet can be gained in comfort, but in the same degree is being lost in safety when traveling by motorcycle.


Before opting for a type of helmet or other, keep in mind that when you travel by motorcycle this element of protection can make the difference between a minor or serious accident in terms of its consequences. It is important that you choose the size of the helmet, that you check that it allows you to move your head easily to the sides, and that the frontal visibility is complete.