What to do if I have lost my driving license

If you searched throughout your house, in the corners of your car and even in the most unexpected cabinets but the driver's license still does not appear is very likely that you have lost. You should know that if you drive without a driver's license, the police can impose an economic sanction that varies annually. To avoid this, we reveal what to do if you have lost your driving license . It's very easy, fast and effective: take note!

Steps to follow:


The first thing to keep in mind is that it is possible to request a duplicate of the driving license in case you have lost it. To do so, you must go to any of the offices of the Provincial and Local Traffic Offices to request this duplicate that is valid for the following cases:

  • Theft of the driving license
  • Loss of driving license
  • Impairment of driving license


The documents that you must present in order to request a duplicate of your driving license are the following:

  • You must fill out the official application and hand it in: you can find it in the same offices where you will renew the card or you can download it online from the official DGT website.
  • You must present a document that proves your identity: ID, passport or residence card that must be in force.
  • Finally, you must submit an updated photograph (only if your permission was processed in the old format, that is, on cardboard). If your driving license was on a plastic card, it will not be necessary for you to contribute any photographs.

In the case where you must submit a photograph to request the duplicate driving license, you must bear in mind that no snapshots are allowed in which the eyes are covered with dark glasses or garments that cover any feature of the face.


If the reason you want to request a duplicate driving license is for theft, in addition to the documentation indicated in the previous point, you must submit a report of the theft that you previously must have made in a police station. In this article we tell you how to renew the driving license for theft.


In the event that you have lost your driving license, you should know that it is compulsory to pay fees that change the amount each year. In 2014 the official rate to request the duplicate of the card is € 19.80 but, as we have said, this matter changes annually, so it is advisable to check the official website of the DGT to check the current rates.