What should I bring in the glove compartment of the car

The glove compartment of the car is usually the tailor of the vehicle, the space in which we deposit everything we want to have on hand and that is not always what is really essential in the event that we have some incidence when we travel with the car . Because of its small size, it is important that we select correctly what we will carry inside. In .com we answer the question of what should I wear in the glove compartment of the car .

Steps to follow:


The reflective vest, which is mandatory that we put on when we have to get out of the car on the road, we should keep it in the glove compartment . Some people have a tendency to place it in the trunk, but that's not right because when we get out of the vehicle we have to have it on.


The sunglasses can get us out of a hurry when we travel on the road and the sun hits us in front, making visibility very difficult. Therefore, we must always have them well at hand in the glove compartment of the car .


A pair of spare prescription lenses, in case we need to use them, it never hurts, in case we break a pin, a glass or simply lose them. Therefore, they must be one of our essentials to carry in the glove compartment of the car . It is necessary to clarify that at present it is not obligatory to take them, although it is advisable.


The same happens with the receipt of the insurance, although it is advisable to take it in the car, it is not mandatory and, if some clueless agent finishes us, we can avoid the sanction justifying, a posteriori, in the General Directorate of Traffic, that we do have insurance. Other documents that we must keep in the glove compartment are the driver's license, the car's registration certificate and the vehicle's technical inspection card.


It is also very important that we carry a small kit in the glove compartment, before any minor incident that we or any of the occupants of the car could suffer. A small bottle of water, to help us take some medication, is also recommended.


In the glove compartment of the car we must also carry a rag to clean excess dust or a small stain that has been embedded in the front window and limit our visibility. A pack of wet handkerchiefs are very useful, especially if we travel with children or elderly people.


If we still have space, something we can earn by keeping the CDs in a place other than the glove compartment, we will have to reserve it for a flashlight and a plastic card with the emergency telephones and our insurance company in case we suffer an accident or we are witnessing an incidence.