How to replace the taillights of a Mercedes

Mercedes vehicles have several driving lights for greater safety. These lights are the headlights, taillights, flashing lights, and parking lights on the front and rear of the vehicle. It is important that you always keep the lights on, not only for your safety, but not to receive a fine from the authorities. Although most current Mercedes-Benz vehicles use the same lamps, consult the owner's manual to ensure the type of lamp used by your car.

You will need to:
  • Clean gloves
  • Replacement lamps
Steps to follow:


Put on clean gloves. Turn the headlight switch to the off position and open the boot.


Turn the fixing screws of the tail lamp 90 degrees and remove the cover of the tail lamp.


Remove the desired focus by turning to the left, and pulling it out. There are four bulbs in the tail lamp assembly: the bulb of the brake lamp, the bulb of the backup lamp, the bulb of the turn signal lamp and the parking light bulb.


Install a replacement bulb, pushing into the socket and turning clockwise. The brake lights must use a P 21 W bulb, the signal lights, in turn, use a PY 21 W bulb, the parking lights use P 21/5 W Bulb, and finally, the backup lamps, They use a P 21 W bulb.


Replace the tail lamp cover and tighten the screw. Close the trunk.

  • Always use clean gloves or a clean cloth to replace halogen bulbs.