How to perform tire manteinance

The tires of all vehicles are one of the parts that are most exposed to deterioration and, therefore, we must carry out a correct conservation . Likewise, the maintenance of the wheels directly influences the driving and consequently the safety of the driver and the crew. For all this, you will need to know everything that should be reviewed and take into account how to perform the maintenance of the tires.


It is the most important for the proper maintenance of the tires. First find out what is the indicated pressure for the tires of your vehicle, both on the front and rear wheels (because it is not the same). This data is usually indicated on the edge of the doors, but if the tire is not the original you should find out, for example on the website of the tire. The pressure is always measured with the tire cold and should be checked, for normal use, approximately once a month. It will also be necessary to review it after abnormal situations, such as a heavy blow in a pothole.

Overall status

When checking the tires, you should also check the general condition in which they are; that is to say, that they do not have bruises, cuts, signs of wear ... It also controls the state of the tires . Also, the wear of the wheels should be even, equally on both wheels (front or rear), because otherwise it will be a symptom of a problem.


Take your car to a specialized workshop to balance the tires with the right equipment and carry out the necessary corrections. Balancing helps prevent premature tire wear and eliminates vibration. It also protects the suspension, steering and transmission of the vehicle. It is necessary to carry out this action every 6 months to guarantee the safety of the vehicle, as well as every time the tires are changed or dismantled.


Correct steering alignment and a good suspension also take importance in the behavior of the car and safety. A hit against a curb, for example, can affect the alignment and that is why we should periodically take the car to a workshop where we check it.


The front tires wear generally faster than the rear tires, so the regular rotation of the tire is recommended, that is, change the position so that the wear is more even . But you should pay attention because some tires, by their type of drawing, only allow their rotation forward / backward and not left / right.

  • Go to a specialist to check the tires of your vehicle if they are more than five years old, at least once a year.
  • Follow the tire replacement recommendations of the vehicle manufacturer.