How to remove spots from the car seat

A stain on the car can end the look of the most attractive car. The most important thing is prevention in the sense of preventing them from being produced, since there are many that are difficult to remove altogether. To avoid this, do not eat or let the occupants do it inside the car. When transporting products, always carry them inside the trunk and not on the seats. In any case, in .com we explain how to remove stains from the car seat .

Steps to follow:


The first option to remove stains of upholstery from the car, if they are already dry, is to scrape with a toothbrush with hard bristles to remove the remains of the element that caused the stain. This will facilitate the subsequent task of finishing completely with the stain.


However, it is even better if you attack the stain when it has not dried yet, that is, just when it has occurred. Thus, you can use a blotting paper or a cloth to absorb it, which will facilitate its disappearance.


Then, after having followed the first or second step, depending on the condition of the stain, what you should do is clean with water and neutral soap . Soak a sponge in soapy water and then apply it on the area, rubbing vigorously.


Next, use a dryer so that there are no traces of moisture in the area. This is important because, otherwise, it is possible that there was a bad smell in the place of the stain that you want to remove from the car.


In the case that these solutions have not given you the expected result, you should buy a dry cleaning spray . It is something more aggressive than the solution explained above, but if you buy a quality product in a store specializing in the car, there should be problems. Of course, follow the instructions of use indicated on the package to the letter.


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