How to remove the fishy smell of the car

Fish is one of those very tasty and very healthy foods that has the counterpart of having a very strong smell that can cause setbacks, both when transporting it and when storing it before proceeding to cook it. If you are careful and apply a little after having carried a bag of fish in the car, there will be no major problems. In .com we explain in detail how to remove the fish smell of the car.

Steps to follow:


Before taking the appropriate measures to get rid of the smell, what you have to do is check that the car has not been stained with the fish. Normally, in supermarkets usually wrap this product with two bags, so it is unlikely that this has happened. In any case, if there is, the first thing you have to do is clean the fish stain.


Once there is no remaining product inside the car, it is when you have to act to remove the fish smell of the car . The first thing you are going to do is to make the smell that has been impregnated in materials such as cloth seats evaporate.


Getting it is very simple, you just have to get the passenger compartment of the car to reach a very high temperature. In cold stations, this can only be achieved by closing all the doors of the vehicle and raising the windows to then turn the heating on.


In case you are in a warm season, you have more luck. You will achieve the same effect by leaving the car in the sun completely closed for a couple of hours.

Next, whatever method you have used to heat the interior of the car, what you have to do is open doors and lower windows so that the evaporated fish smell comes out of the car . Let the car ventilate about half an hour.


As a reinforcement measure, you can place an air freshener inside the car, at least for a few days. There are many types. We recommend you read this article on car air fresheners to help you decide on one. Spreading citrus peels through the interior will also get a good aroma inside the car.


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