How to remove the catalyst from the car

The catalyst is a key element when it comes to preventing your car from emitting a lot of polluting gases into the atmosphere, something that is inevitable but can be reduced with a good functioning of this piece. Sometimes, to change it or to check its status, you will need to remove it from its place. To help you with this maintenance operation of your car, in .com we explain how to remove the catalyst from the car.

Steps to follow:


Some drivers decide to eliminate the catalyst of the car because they consider that it detracts from its engine. However, as we have already explained, this piece has an important function of caring for the environment. Therefore, we ask you to take other measures to optimize the performance of your engine.

In addition, you could have problems to pass the ITV and you could even get the ticket if your car contaminates more than allowed by removing the catalyst.


Well, the first thing you have to do is locate where the catalyst is in your car model. The most practical thing is to consult the manufacturer's manual to be sure. Do the operation with the motor cold, to avoid burns and reduce the possibility of breaking a piece.


You will have to elevate the car a little, it will be enough with some tacos, to find the catalyst not in a central area, but on one side of the lower part of the car. With a wrench, remove the nuts that hold the catalyst. To make it easier, you can use a lubricant product.


The catalyst is formed by the front part and by a clamp, which you must remove in this order. This last part may be harder to remove, so you should do some pressure after removing the nuts.


So, you have already managed to remove the catalyst from the car. You have to be a handyman to do it and, above all, think that it is not comfortable to work stretched on the floor to access the piece. Of course, you will save the cost of the mechanic, which is not cheap when it comes to catalysts.