How to prepare the car for winter

Before the arrival of the cold, it is necessary to carry out certain tasks of maintenance and equipment of our vehicle so as not to have unforeseen events during the winter. The set-up of the car is important throughout the year, but with low temperatures and adverse weather is essential. To avoid the most common problems of this time of year, do not miss this article about how to prepare the car for winter.

Steps to follow:


Whenever possible, when winter arrives it is recommended to keep the car in a garage or under cover to avoid that the low temperatures can affect the external elements of the vehicle, or the fluids of the engine.


This happens especially with windshields and moons of the car that, after freezing nights, appear covered with ice. This is why if you live in an area with frequent frosts, you should get an ice scraper that will help eliminate frost from the glass. You can see here more about how to remove ice from the windshield.


In the same way, you should make sure that the antifreeze fluid levels are correct, because otherwise the radiator water can freeze and prevent us from starting the car. It is important that you know how to start the car when it is cold, to avoid damaging the engine.


When doing the maintenance of the car in winter, you should also check that the oil is at its proper level, as well as its viscosity, since the cold usually makes it more dense.


Also make sure that the battery charge is correct, especially from its third year of life, since the cold is more likely to be discharged and is responsible for starting the car engine.


Tires are another element that we should pay more attention to in winter, especially if you live in an area prone to rain, snow or ice.


Have the chains for the tires ready if the weather forecast warns of snow risk, as well as you should also make sure you know how to place them correctly in case it is necessary to do so.


On the other hand, the maintenance of the vehicle in winter also involves checking thoroughly that all the lights work correctly, and that we have spare bulbs in case any of them melt.


It is also recommended to keep the fuel tank as full as possible, in case the vehicle breaks down and we are stuck, since this is the only way to have heating.


And, above all, be careful at the wheel !