How to care for a carlino

Has a carlino dog just entered your life? So it is important that you know some of the basic care that this breed of dog needs so that your coexistence is as satisfactory as possible and the animal is perfectly attended. The carlino or pug is a very dominant type of dog so from the first day you should make it clear that you are the head of the pack; also has a very stubborn and individualistic character so it is usual to stay out in an area of ​​the house and not have much desire for games all the time.

But even if he is an energetic and very strong dog, he is not usually aggressive, quite the contrary: with his family he is a very affectionate and attentive animal. In this article we are going to give you all the guidelines so that you know how to take care of a carlino and that you have in mind the main aspects that will achieve a good coexistence among you.

Steps to follow:


It is important that to know how to care for a pug before you know its character and take into account how it tends to relate to others. It is a happy and active dog that will always want to play and move, especially in its first years of life. But if you give too much coba, the truth is that the owners of the pack can feel and, therefore, become disobedient and a little naughty so the best thing is that, from the beginning of the coexistence, you mark your authority in front of him so that he understands that he must listen to you.

They are very sensitive to sounds, so it is important that you never shout or raise your voice too much when you are with him; in the case that you want to train, the best thing is that you choose to say a resounding "No" and a bit more authoritarian but never shouting or exceeding too much the limits. They are very nervous animals by themselves, so they need an owner that is relaxed, calm and sure of himself (so he does not get on the hump).


If you have a puppy carlino at home you should know that the care you give him should be more specific because the animal starts learning from scratch. During the first 24 months, these dogs will be very active and, therefore, it is essential that you give them the necessary nutrition so that they have all the nutrients they require and that they will use during the activity. You will have to buy food for small dogs and the distribution of it will vary depending on the age:

  • Until 10 months you will have to give him 3 meals a day: breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • From 10 you will have to reduce the intake and give it only 1 meal a day, always trying to be at the same time.

You will have to always give a balanced diet where you receive the proteins, carbohydrates, fats and nutrients you need to have a healthy body. Consult with your veterinarian so that he can advise you in the choice of food; in we tell you how to feed a puppy dog.

It is also important that, from the beginning of your cohabitation, you start bathing so that the animal gets used to this habit and does not stress. Keep in mind that, due to its characteristic face, it is important to clean wrinkles every week to prevent dirt from accumulating and can lead to infection; You can use a damp cloth with a little soap to sanitize your dog.

Another essential aspect for caring for a puppy is that from 45 days of life you start with the vaccination plan stipulated by the veterinarian and that will get you protected against diseases.


The coat of the carlino must always take care of himself, even if his hair is short and ready, we have to clean it and untangle it so that it is in perfect conditions; For this you will need a brush with hard bristles and, at least once a month, brush it . It will also be essential that, every time it gets dirty, you bathe it or, failing that, give it a dry shampoo that will clean its fur and make it clean. In the molting season you will have to brush more often to remove excess hair.

The folds of the face should be cleaned weekly to prevent dirt from accumulating and dermatological infection may appear. A rag and a bit of soap suitable for dogs will be necessary to maintain optimal health of the animal.


Within the care of a carlino we also have to consider the care of his nails since if they are too long they can hurt the body, the eyes or hurt ourselves. When you take it out for a walk, the same dog will file its nails when it comes in contact with the ground, but despite this, it is important that you keep your nails short and for that you must learn to cut your nails; in we have a specific article on how to cut the nails of a dog that you will find interesting.


The dog's teeth should also be taken care of in detail and, in fact, maintaining good dental hygiene is just as important as caring for your coat or giving a balanced diet. Especially when they are puppies you will notice how the animal needs to chew and bite to a greater extent, the reason is that the teeth are coming out and needs to calm the pain; after 6 months the dog will already have fixed teeth and tartar begins to accumulate.

For this reason, it is essential that you take care of your teeth and, thus, be able to keep it protected against diseases related to oral health. You should clean your teeth at least once a week and, to keep them clean, we recommend that you give him some bones or treats that are specially designed for the care of his teeth.

In we tell you in detail how to take care of a dog's teeth.


To be able to live with a pug and give it the care it requires, it is also advisable to know which are the most common diseases that suffer the most, so you can take extreme care in these situations and ensure that the animal is perfectly taken care of. The diseases are the following:

  • Colds : sudden temperature changes affect this breed of dogs in a special way, so it is important that you try to maintain a stable climate in your home and that he always sleeps in a neutral space (neither too close to the window nor the heating).
  • Snoring : due to the morphology of its head, the carlinos are dogs that usually snore although they are not asleep; his breathing is noisy and agitated.
  • Problems in the delivery : the females usually have some type of complication during the childbirth because the size of the head of the puppies is very big in comparison to its body, reason why in many occasions it is necessary that a caesarean section is realized.
  • Problems in the eyes : having the eyes come out are more prone to suffer diseases in this area such as conjunctivis, an excess of tears, red eyes, and so on. Consult with the veterinarian to give you the exact guidelines to maintain good eye health.
  • Overweight : this breed of dog usually takes weight very easily so it is important that you take care of your diet and do not give it leftovers or too many sweets. The animal could gain weight and this will affect your overall health.