How to make my son study

Getting the child to dedicate himself to what should be his main task, the study, is an ordeal for many parents. Social changes have meant that having a degree is not a guarantee to get a good job, so many children and adolescents are not motivated; more to see that social idols are footballers or artists who do not stand out due to the theoretical knowledge they may have. To help you with the formation of your child, in .com we answer the question of how to make my son study.

Steps to follow:


The first thing you must do is to unlink the idea of ​​studies with professional work. The reality shows that this relationship is not always like this and your child will notice. You have to get your child to find pleasure in the study itself, to awaken interest in what he has to work in the school or the institute.


If your child is still small, it is essential that you awaken interest in reading, even before he can read. Doing it is very simple, buy toys that pretend to be books, but that actually lack texts and are formed by a succession of pages that have figures in relief that will attract the attention of your little one. It is a first step for the child to feel interest in reading and, later, in the study.


If your child is already in a more advanced age and does not have reading habits, it will be difficult for you to get him to study since, probably, what is being done uphill is reading everything he has to study. In this case, you should resort to rewards, which can be very different: prepare your favorite food, let him play with the console after a few hours of study, allow him to be late when he goes out with his friends if he gets good results, etc.


Young people tend to be supportive and empathetic with the weakest people. Talk to him and let him see that the possibility that he has to study is a right that few people had decades ago and that in many parts of the world even today there are many children who do not have access to school. Surely this makes you think and take with another attitude the task of study.


Maybe what happens to your son with the study is that he has trouble concentrating . In this case, you should make it easy for him to do nothing when he starts studying. Disconnect the Internet, let him study in the quietest room in the house and let the rest of the family respect his time of study, especially younger siblings.


To help your child study, you must also help him organize and schedule his homework. In this way, you will have a routine that will help you achieve your results and you will see that you even have free time to devote to your favorite activities: be with friends, play games, play sports, surf the Internet, etc.