How to fight a puppy cat

Cats are hunting animals par excellence, so their instinct leads them to behave as such even in domestic environments. However, there are strategies that can be applied to achieve that the animal manages to integrate itself harmoniously into the home, without forgetting that no matter how much education it receives, it will always be an independent pet.

If you have a cat with a short time of birth, it is easier to learn to relate to their owners, the space that surrounds them and other pets if that were the case, since they will be more willing to learn than an adult cat whose customs They are already more rooted. In .com we share some information so you know how to fight a puppy cat and learn what it takes to behave.

Steps to follow:


The first thing you should know is that cat hunter instincts can not be changed, they can only be tamed so that their behavior adapts to the rules of the home, but there are basic gestures that will always be executed, such as scratches. The important thing here is not to teach you not to scratch because that behavior is inevitable and instinctive, but to do it in a place where you can not hurt others or yourself.

To do this, you can scold your puppy cat using a vertical scraper or a specific object so that it understands that this is where you can give free rein to the desire to use its claws. If you see him scratching some other object in the house, interfere him and take him to the vertical scraper, and when he tries to use his claws with you, separate him from your body firmly but without violence and get away from him calmly. In this way you will understand that your behavior is not accepted.

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Due to its independent character, it is more difficult to make him understand an adult cat that needs to relieve itself in the sandbox . That is why it is vital to take advantage when he is still a puppy so that he adopts this habit. You can start by taking the cat to the litter box every time you finish eating or playing, since these are the times when you might want to relieve yourself, and you will progressively learn that this is the place where you that you must expel your waste. Yes, cats are very neat animals, so you should keep the box clean because if they find it dirty they will avoid being in it and it will be more difficult to reeducate them later.

If the cat expels its waste out of the box, clean the area quickly to prevent the animal from linking its smell with the place it used to evacuate. Instead, move your excrement to the litter box for a moment to understand that this is the place to do it, then you should leave it impeccable.

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The feeding habits that are taught to the cat can influence their behavior positively or negatively. If the puppy does not receive food on time or in adequate amounts, it will use its hunter instinct to locate it and this may cause it to tear the garbage bag in search of food debris or become aggressive with its owner as it does not feel served by the.

In addition, you have to buy special food for puppy cats since it has nutritional needs adapted to the age of the cat. Although, if it is less than 15 days, you should give milk every 3 hours to grow strong and healthy. In this other article we tell you how to feed a baby g ato .


Another instinctive behavior of the cat is to climb to high places, so try to climb windows, cabinets, tables and sofas. In this case, the best way to fight a puppy cat is to buy a special furniture for cats with several levels to play while climbing and low, or take a chair or old furniture and leave it to the cat to use it for this purpose. When the cat begins to climb somewhere in the house, you have to move it to your toy or furniture so that it learns that it is allowed to climb there.


While some people make use of the water sprayer to scold puppy cats, the reality is that it is an extreme resource that should be avoided. Spraying the cat with water whenever you want to teach something or as a way to reprimand it will only make you more fearful towards its owner, slowing down the learning process. In addition, the cat can react aggressively.

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