How to make my baby stop crying

If there is something that worries parents, especially first-timers, it is that their baby does not stop crying. Crying can be due to many reasons and is, in general, the best way your newborn has to tell you that something is happening to him, whether he is hungry or uncomfortable, that he does not feel well, that he misses mom ... In the end, but how can I stop crying?, in .com we give you some suggestions

Steps to follow:


First of all, do not be alarmed, the crying baby is a response to many situations, but we should not take it as something that generates stress or the child will perceive that every time he lets go of a tear the parents will go like crazy to the encounter. Manipulation is learned in the first weeks of life do not forget


Approach your baby, attentive but calm, caress him, let him know you are there, take him in his arms, and make him notice that mom or dad have arrived to take care of him


Cradling it is a great way to calm it down, but do it with gentle movements that calm it down and not abruptly so you could make it more nervous


The crying of hunger is usually spaced, the baby cries, calms down, cries again, when approaching we notice that he opens his mouth a lot, or that he tries to insert his little hand to suckle, when placing the breast or the bottle in his mouth the problem is solution to


Crying tiredness is one of the most stressful, because the baby wants to sleep but instead gets irritated, the crying sounds vibrant and increases in intensity, rubs his eyes, yawns but does not give up. In those cases, take him to a quiet place, calm him down and give him a short massage, incital to relax


The crying of affection, simply wants Mom or Dad to load and pamper him, so as soon as they take him out of the crib he will calm down


The crying of pain is usually very intense, more than usual, extending for a long period. If you check that you are not hungry, sleep or wet diaper, check your posture, that the clothes are not bothering you, that you have not hurt yourself with something, any small detail could be the source of the discomfort, so be careful ( or)


The cry of illness is detectable by many parents, because it is much weaker and deaf than the normal one, there is no way to console it, in addition the baby is apathetic, does not want to eat, somehow does not behave as he always does, in that case visit your pediatrician immediately


Cuddling your baby, giving him a comforting massage, a bath in warm water that relaxes him, showing him affection and attention and trying to calm him in a calm environment are usually the best tools to stop the crying baby. Distracting your attention sometimes also usually works


Remember that you must have a lot of patience, there are days when the baby simply wants more attention, if the fatigue takes over you take turns, so that one takes care of the little one and the other rests a little