How to brush my dog's hair

Among the care that deserves the hair of our pet is the brushing, a task that can seem titanic especially if we have a long hair can, but that will bring great benefits for the animal and for you, helping you to keep your coat cleaner and your house with less presence of hairs. Are you willing to do it but do not know where to start ?, in .com we provide all the keys so you can discover how to brush your dog's hair easily.

Steps to follow:


The first thing you have to be clear is that the habit of brushing your dog will reduce the amount of hairs in your home, which in turn makes cleaning a lot easier, that is why it is a habit that although it will take some time, it may help you to keep your home in better condition.


The ideal is to accustom your dog from puppy to brushing, in this way as it grows the animal will be much calmer and docile during the hairstyle. Anyway well done the brushing is like a kind of massage for your pet, so after some first experiences in which you will feel restless then you will begin to enjoy it.

It is important that you persevere and insist with this task until the dog becomes accustomed. If your dog is small you can sit it on your lap and hold it gently but firmly so that it does not go away, in the case of large dogs the ideal is that you sit on a chair or stool at a height that allows you to comb the part top of the animal, then sit on the ground and finish the rest.


Frequent brushing not only reduces hair loss, but also allows you to love your dog, untangle knots and check the skin of your pet to ensure that it is healthy and without fleas . In case this habit is not very noticeable, it reduces the bad odor in your pet's fur, allowing the washing to last longer.


If your pet is short-haired with one brushing a week is enough, while long-haired dogs should be brushed every other day. During the spring and autumn season the change of hair usually occurs in dogs, so you should intensify the brushing at these times to reduce the presence of hairs at home.


Use a natural bristle brush bought at a special pet store, you will find them for long and short hair, choose the one that is convenient according to the case. You will also find brushes in the form of gloves that come very well to short hair breeds.


To brush your dog's hair always follow the direction of hair growth, starting with the head, back, sides, legs and finally combing its tail. Remember to brush it gently and gently, be gentle when undoing the knots and try to do the job quickly so that your dog does not despair. In the end you can reward him with a cookie or any other reward for behaving well.


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