How to feed a chick

Do you have a chick and do not know how to feed it? Having a baby chicken is a big responsibility, and a beautiful privilege. If you are lucky enough to raise a chick and help it grow, you will have the most beautiful experience of your entire life. Chicks need a warm, closed space to make sure they eat and drink whenever they need it. If that chick is not with his mother, you will have to teach him to eat. In .com we tell you how to feed a chick.

Steps to follow:


To start feeding your chick you must choose very fine food and that is good for the small grow strong. This food should have enough vitamins and nutrients to cope with external threats. The feeding at this moment is very simple, it is enough to give him a good granulated starter feed that you will find in specialized establishments. Another good way to feed them, is bread crumbs to be possible homemade (not bread mold), with chunks of bread your chick will cover your dietary needs and begin to be able to feed without any difficulty. We recommend you also check this other article about how to take care of a chick to know all the care it requires.


You must ensure that your chick has water at all times, and change it every day or every time it gets dirty. Use comfortable containers, and strong so that the chick does not move or overturn. You have to try to teach him to eat from his trough and drinker, but if you notice that it costs him, the first days you can feed him by putting crumbs of bread on the ground. If you had difficulty drinking, you could use a syringe or even a bottle to hydrate it.


After this phase, which is your first approach to independent feeding, place that food already inside the feeder, which must be very practical, and flat so that after 4 days you will be used to eating alone. Make sure your food source is not too far away, so that the chick does not have to travel far to meet your needs and try not to fill it with too much food.


After two weeks, you will be able to incorporate food with some fiber and more vitamins into your chick's diet . A good recommendation is to mix chickpeas, ripe banana, bread, eggs, among other foods. You must grind or grind so you can take them without difficulty. This food will give you energy, and it will strengthen you. After the third week, you can incorporate more dense food that makes you gain weight. You can give them larger bread crumbs, and I think less granulated. After the third week or the month, you can start to include in your diet some insect (worm) because it will provide protein, calcium and vitamins for your chick to grow large and strong.