How to take care of my hamster's teeth

Rodents have the peculiarity that their teeth do not stop growing throughout their lives. If you have ever wondered how to take care of my hamster's teeth, you should take into account a series of characteristics related to the teeth of your little friend. Hamsters are one of the few animals that are born with teeth and, in addition, their teeth do not stop growing so these animals need to constantly gnaw things to polish their teeth and prevent them from giving them mandibular problems.

So if we want our partner to live the maximum time with us it is important to take care of their oral hygiene and diet so that they can enjoy a long and happy life. In .com we teach you to take care of your hamster's teeth to avoid problems in one of the weak points of this animal.

Steps to follow:


The first thing is to ensure our pet a healthy, balanced and adapted to their needs. This will allow the animal to enjoy a better quality of life in all aspects and, more specifically, in its dental health.

The primary objective to take care of the teeth of your hamster is to prevent our pet from developing a dental pathology that compromises its ability to feed properly and prevents it from digesting food optimally, without mentioning the discomfort and pain that this could cause. .

The most adequate food would be based on:

  • Vegetables of all kinds, both raw and cooked, without overdoing the carrots, as they love them, but they can cause them to be overweight.
  • Plants like clovers and dandelion
  • Fruit, both natural and dry.
  • Nuts
  • Cereals such as oats, bread and wheat
  • Proteins: Meat, fish, insects or eggs

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The second is to check the mouth of your pet at least once a month in order to detect abnormalities such as a broken tooth, signs of a mouth infection or excessive growth of their teeth. As the animal gets older it is convenient to increase the revisions since it is more frequent that they appear.

The review should be done with care and, if any pathology is detected, you should go to a veterinarian so that it can be treated properly.


The third thing to keep in mind is that hamsters have yellow teeth by nature so you do not have to "bleach" them. The natural color of your pet's teeth is yellow, not white, so this is not indicative of poor oral hygiene. You should not try to wash them or whiten them in some way.


For your pet to enjoy good oral health should be able to constantly gnaw things to wear their teeth. But any element is not worth it since it can cause a break or swallow toxic substances adhered to tissues or toys. If you want to take care of your hamster's teeth, you must provide special products for this purpose.

Some hamsters can not wear their teeth with the simple fact of gnawing, in these cases the veterinarian will help us to reduce them and will give us the guidelines to do it if necessary.


Faced with a dental problem, help your hamster to feed correctly. If you detect that your pet has a problem with his teeth and that causes loss of appetite, soften the food with water to help him feed. As with humans, when our partners have problems eating due to their teeth, it is best to provide soft or crushed food that facilitates chewing and subsequent digestion.

In we tell you how to clean the teeth of a hamster so that you have it in optimal conditions to guarantee your health.