How to cure a wasp sting

Wasps only bite if they believe they are in danger or when they believe their territory has been taken or disturbed. A wasp, like a bee, does not bite a person. In .com we teach you how to cure a wasp sting so you can get out of this bad swallow quickly.

Steps to follow:


If you want to avoid being bitten by wasps, try to remember five things that will ensure your survival:

  • Avoid clothes that are attractive to you like white clothes or flowers
  • Do not forget to close the garbage cans,
  • Do not use too much perfume if you go to a place where wasps live
  • Avoid isolated environments such as wooden sheds or attics
  • Do not touch the nests of wasps or bees, that supposes an attack for them and in that case, they do not walk with regard.


The symptoms of the wasp sting are clear: if you notice burning and pain you are facing a wasp sting. If you are an allergic person, it can affect you in different ways: from mild reactions to swelling of the tongue and throat leading to suffocation. As soon as you experience any symptom that you do not usually go to the emergency room without further ado.

In this article we tell you what to do if a wasp stings you.


To know how to cure the wasp sting the first thing is to try to remove the sting from the skin, you can do it with a cardboard or any type of plastic or card. Press until it comes out and then release it with a pair of tweezers or with the same fingers if left.

The sting is the one that contains the poison, if you remove the sting you will remove most of the discomfort. After the extraction do not forget to disinfect the area.


You can also use ice to cure a wasp sting . The idea is to use the ice cubes inside a cloth and press gently on the bite for ten minutes.


Another way to cure a wasp sting is by a baking soda remedy, mud, apple cider vinegar or lemon. Put some of these ingredients for another ten minutes in the bite to notice improvement in the wound.

In this article we give you another remedy for the wasp sting.