How to care for a Border Collie

Among the most intelligent dog breeds, the border collie stands out above all for being an animal with a great capacity for attention and obedience, excellent for training and learning tricks. This pet is perfect for the whole family, being an excellent companion who also loves the game. But this wonderful race also requires certain attention to grow healthy and happy, that's why in .com we explain in detail how to care for a Border Collie and thus guarantee their well-being.

Steps to follow:


The origins of the border collie can be traced back to the herding dogs of Scotland and England, so this animal has a very strong guardian and guardian attitude, besides being a very obedient dog willing to training and tricks. His level of learning usually surprised his masters because he quickly understood the orders he received, always responding effectively.


Although his intelligence level is very high, the border collie is a quiet and shy dog ​​in adulthood, it is not usually open with strangers or with pets alien to him. In order to correct this tendency, it is very important that from a young age he socialize with other dogs and people, in this way he will become a much more extroverted and playful pet.


Just because of its origins as a grazing animal this dog is very used to walking long distances, so physical exercise is essential for this pet. You should take him out for a walk every day and let him run and play to drain his energy. It is an animal that deserves to grow in a large space in which it can be exercised without the need for its owner to be present, therefore houses with gardens and outdoor spaces are ideal for this animal to be in motion.

If you plan to raise him in an apartment, do not forget that you must dedicate time every day to exercise.


His incredible coat jumps to the sight, for that reason between the aspects that you must have in mind to take care of a border collie is the fact to maintain his hair in good state. This dog should bathe only when necessary, you should also brush your coat preferably daily, so you avoid that it falls in abundance and that smells bad, also get bright and healthy look. In our article how to brush the hair of the dog we teach you the right way to do it.


The fact that it is a race accustomed to being attentive to what happens in its environment makes the Border Collie a very active animal, perfect for children because of their kindness and energy. However you should bear in mind that it is a very sensitive dog that does not like rough treatment, so you should guide children so that games with this pet are careful.


This race greatly enjoys family life, and it is precisely because of their sensitivity that the Border Collie can not stand to stay away from family life. It is an excellent pet that requires affection and attention to give 100% everything it can offer.

In addition, and like any other puppy, requires fundamental care with regard to food and visits to the veterinarian. To know in detail these aspects, we invite you to consult our articles:

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Over the years these dogs can develop dysplasia in the hip, deafness and specific eye problems of the breed, so it is advisable not to overlook their check-ups at the veterinarian and give all the attention and love they need.