How to become a cat

Cats are animals with a very special character. If you get your cat to adore you, you will have the most loyal and faithful friend you can imagine. Living with cats is an extraordinary privilege and if you earn your trust, a wonderful existence full of magic, purrs and lots of fun awaits you. With some simple tips that you can put into practice you will see how you win the affection of your feline. In .com we tell you how to become a cat well.

Steps to follow:


For a first contact with your feline it is highly recommended to put yourself at your height : you can get on your knees or, if you are comfortable, on all fours. In that position your cat will not see you as a threatening being and will intimidate you much less. When you are in that position talk to your feline very gently, with a tone that does not shrill because that way you will feel safe and totally relaxed. Cats as a rule usually get scared with relative ease, if you maintain a pleasant tone you will feel confident in your presence.


Let the cat approach you first . It is very normal for cats to approach people who are not lovers of cats and that is because these people avoid them and do not want to spend time with them. What you should do is not be on top of him, do not look for his constant attention and you will see that he will end up approaching you.

Lie on the sofa, go watch a movie, read, etc. Do anything and hope your cat wants to get close to you. Do not chase him, do not corner him because you will only scare him. If it approaches you, stretch your hand so that it smells and recognizes you.


A good way to tempt and capture your cat's attention is with rewards. When your cat approaches you, give him some delicious food. Put food in your hand, let him eat and while stroking his head or spine. The reward is the best way to educate your cat and if you associate the prizes with certain behaviors, rest assured that he will love you.

You should always treat your feline with caution and gentleness. If you caress, do it with tenderness, it is a small being, never grab it by the tail, stretch it, or do anything that could bother or hurt it. It is a living being, not a toy so you must treat it with love and respect. In general, they love being stroked on the forehead and back . Little by little, as you get to know your cat, you will know his favorite caresses and also those he hates. It is important that you remember it to encourage a good relationship with your feline.


Do not be constantly paying attention to your cat. They are animals that enjoy their independence, their many hours of sleep, their cleaning ritual, their eating and drinking habits ... You must be able to relate to your cat at the right time. If your cat is resting, eating or cleaning, do not bother. You could be scared, irritated and even aggressive. Cats need their space and when they want caresses, games or company they will let you know.


Your cat loves to play and it is a habit that you should encourage for your health and because it is a way to socialize and strengthen your bond. Do your best to increase the interaction with your feline with prizes, caresses and time of distractions but always with an attitude that is neither brusque nor aggressive.

Take a toy mouse and move it in front of your friend you will see that he will love having a prey to hunt. They also like catnip to the natural or inside toys and thus you will get to stimulate their attention and interest. And something that never fails is to put a cardboard box near your cat, you will see how it will get excited going in and out. If you want to make it more fun, make holes in the box and play through them with your cat inside. In this article we tell you how to choose cat toys.


If you want to get a cat right you should clean your litter box well and feed it well . If you do it, you will surely be your preferred human. Make sure you feed your cat the most appropriate and delicious food appropriate to their age and condition.

Always have some edible prizes to give as a gift and, apart from giving dry feed, buy wet food to give a few times a week and you'll see that you appreciate it. This is the prize par excellence for your cat and if you give it from time to time it will be very happy. You should also try to clean your sandbox of debris daily and change the sand a couple of times a week.


Treat your cat with affection and sweetness . You must be kind to your little one, give him love, care and everything he needs. Never hurt her, not only because you will not get anything from your pet but because it is mistreatment. Do not argue with him being aggressive because it will be counterproductive and he will not listen to you. Cats have a very good memory and violence is not the way to educate. If you think so, you better not have any pets because you will not give them the life they deserve. Treat your cat with love and with all the respect in the world and be your friend for life.


A good advice for your cat to adore you is that you never force him to do something . Cats have a very special way of being and things will be done when they want. You can try to motivate or encourage your cat to do something but not force. This is a rule that you will have to skip when your cat requires medication or specific care.

You must also create an ideal and comfortable environment for your cat . You must have a place to sleep or several, a playground, your sandbox, your trough and several drinkers. That there are areas with ventilation and sun that can be accessed safely. A cat will love to always have a window or several through which to look, you will see that you can spend hours just contemplating.


You must learn the body language of your feline because that way you will know what you need and if you are a happy cat. When your pussycat has its ears forward and its tail facing upwards, it is happy and at ease. If your cat purrs, it usually means that he is delighted with the attention you give him. If your ears are turned back and your tail is down, you may be upset and begin to growl or snort. It is important to know the expressions of your cat to make him happy always.