How to catch a stray cat

Do you want to catch a street cat to help him and you do not know how to do it? It is a reality that there are many cats that inhabit the streets victims of abandonment and also as a result of the lack of control of the feline population, so we often want to turn to help them, but doing so is not as simple as it sounds.

If you want to catch a cat safely, we recommend that you continue reading this article. If you save it, you will live a very rewarding experience and you can find a good home for it to have the life it deserves, that's why in .com we explain how to catch a stray cat and change your life.

Steps to follow:


To begin you should observe the cat a moment before trying to catch it or even approaching, it is important to look carefully to see if the cat has any injury or symptoms of disease. For your safety and that of the animal you want to rescue, it is convenient to evaluate the situation to see how you can help it before acting.

If the cat breathes with problems, drools, is lethargic and acts erratically, call a shelter or shelter to advise you in the best way to catch an animal that may be sick.


It is not a good idea to approach if you notice it wrong, there are diseases that can be transmitted to humans and vice versa. Rage, for example, is a serious and incurable disease and is spread through the saliva of an infected animal, so at the slightest doubt of a health problem, contact professionals or the necessary protective equipment to rescue them.

Note that the cat may have a collar or some other type of identification. If you see that it is healthy and looks good, it may be a feline that leaves home and returns when its route ends. There is also the possibility that it has been lost, if you see that it has identification but is nervous it is possible that it is lost.


To proceed and catch a stray cat you must get a trap cage . If you do not have any you can ask for a refuge, protective or veterinary, they usually have some for the rescue of stray animals, so you will not have to buy any.

This is a safe way to catch an animal without hurting it. You have to place food inside to attract the animal, once it is inside the doors of the cage should be closed, so it will be trapped without risk . After catching the cat you should leave it inside and immediately go to the veterinarian for a complete health check.


Do not even think about catching a cat with methods that are not a cage, do not wear clothes, or covers, or bags . You do not know how that animal will react, so you must choose the most reliable way to catch it. If you try to catch him with whatever you find, the cat may get nervous, aggressive, hurt you unintentionally and end up escaping.

It is also important that you never manipulate a stray cat with your bare hands, think it is like a wild animal and you will need time to trust yourself, do not expect rescue to be caught, although there are cats that are very friendly and do not give No problem, especially the smallest ones.


If you are going to have it at home, it is recommended that you prepare a safe area to keep the cat until you find a family, or until you go back to the veterinarian to sterilize it and then release it to the street, if you see that the cat is not It adapts to home life. Be as it is in the beginning, it lodges to the animal in a calm room in which it can feel safe and protected and leaves to its reach food, drink and a sandbox (moved away of the zone of eating and drinking) so that it makes its necessities if it is feel comfortable