How to know if a dog is purebred

Many people doubt whether their dog is purebred or not. Although the breed of the dog does not stop being more than a small anecdote that speaks to us about the diseases that it can have, the character that usually present or some aesthetic criteria that you can like more or less, there are many owners who feel the need to know if your dog is purebred.

In the following article of .com we will give you some guidelines so that you can learn how to know if a dog is purebred, in addition we will give you some tricks for some of the most popular breeds in the world such as the farmer, the boxer or the German shepherd.

Steps to follow:


The pedigree is a document that certifies that a dog is purebred, that its ancestry is all of pure race and that there has been no crossing between its predecessors. The fastest way to know if a dog is a breed is to see if it has pedigree . If you have the document that accredits you and is certified by the real canine society of your country you should not worry, your dog is purebred. The following information should appear in that document:

  • Denomination of the genealogical book.
  • Registration date
  • Name of the dog
  • Race.
  • Variety.
  • Sex.
  • Colour.
  • Birthdate.
  • And other aspects about the dog and his ancestry.


If your dog does not have pedigree but you suspect that it may be purebred and you want to confirm it, you have ways to acquire this certificate. For this, your dog must go through what is known as breed recognition, the way in which dogs of race can register in the registry and start a new genealogy.

For this, your dog must be at least one year old and it must be clearly appreciated that it is of a specific race, even if you do not know if it is purebred. First of all, you can check with the official standard of your breed and see if it fits in all the points that are exposed there. If you think that it fits totally into what is supposed to be the race standard, you should only go to a dog show or contact the organizers and register your dog in a breed recognition.

In the recognition of race a judge will examine its characteristics; proportions, height, mouth testicles, movements, etc. and will accept or not its purity of race.


To know if it is worthwhile to present yourself to a breed recognition, it is recommended that you take your dog to a veterinarian, breeder or dog seller so he can tell you if he can meet the standards of his breed. You should know that until the dog is 3 months old it is quite difficult to assure it with certainty.


Next we will give you some of the main characteristics of the most common dog breeds, so that if your dog is one of them you can know if it is a purebred dog:

  • One of the most popular breeds in the world is the German Shepherd . You should know, that the purebred German shepherd is sturdy, with a hair mixed between black and tan, with a thick tail and a lot of fur. If mixed, however, it is smaller in size and both the tail and the extremities are thinner. In the following article you can read what a German shepherd is like.
  • The purebred German shepherd, as with the boxer, is recognized as having a black palate.
  • The purebred plowman should have a short coat and close to the body, if he has long hair it is usually a mixture with golden retriever or German shepherd.
  • The poodle is a breed of which it is hard to find pure specimens, since many of them cross with the Cocker or the Maltese. To know if a poodle is purebred you should look at the ears, which should be short, if they are long it is a mixture.
  • Both the chow chow and the purebred shar pei have blue tongue, the specimens that have it pink are mixtures.