How to feed a spider

If you have a spider as an exotic pet, one of the important care is to feed it well. You do not need many resources to feed him, but you must be responsible and inform yourself about the food care that an arachnid requires. Even if it is an insect, it has certain needs that you must cover. That's why in .com, we tell you how to feed a spider.

Steps to follow:


To feed your spider, the diet must be based on insects, which you can either buy or if you do not have many scruples to catch on your own. Spiders eat bugs, that's their best food, and do not consider giving them anything else because they will not survive. The best options are crickets, worms and cockroaches, although not the only ones.


Whatever the prey you get or catch for your spider, try to be well fed and of a considerable size. You must give your spider insects in perfect conditions and well nourished. A good way to keep them well is to sprinkle them with vitamins. Do not take bugs from any side and less from places of doubtful hygiene. And the prey you give her must never be bigger than your spider.


Spiders do not have to be fed daily, you have to do it a couple of times a week, especially when they are young. With that frequency, your spider will be well fed. There are times, such as before the change, that can be up to a month without eating. Although spiders do not eat much, you should not forget to put them in clean water and change it often. Always make it on a flat plate so it does not drown.


You have to be very careful when you feed your spider, because it could escape. Open the door and quickly place the insects that you have prepared, and close immediately. When you clean your terrarium, do not leave the remains of insects in the area, if you have not eaten them, remove them.