Why my car's engine trembles

If the engine of your car trembles, it is most likely that there is a problem with some of the parts that, among other functions, have the function of absorbing these vibrations that are produced by the motor itself. However, it may seem that the movement comes from the engine when in fact the cause is in the axles of the car. In .com we answer the question of why the engine of my car trembles.

Steps to follow:


The crankshaft pulley can cause the engine to tremble . In fact, this piece is also known as shock absorber pulley because, especially in diesel engines, it has the function of reducing vibrations. If it is damaged and does not work properly, one of the first symptoms you will notice is that your car's engine trembles . The most advisable thing is that you go as soon as possible to the mechanic to solve the problem.


The defective engine bracket or plug is another cause of your car's engine shaking. This piece is responsible for joining the engine to the chassis of the vehicle and one of its functions is precisely to eliminate the vibrations that the engine generates by its operation. The normal thing is that it does not produce problems, but if you make a very aggressive driving it can be damaged. A mechanic should fix the fault.


If the external temperature is extremely cold, it is normal for the engine to tremble more than usual, so you should not worry if these vibrations disappear in normal weather conditions. The reason why the car's engine trembles at very low temperatures lies in the fact that it can not reach the optimum operating temperature.


The vibrations of your car's engine can be a symptom, on the other hand, that there is a problem with the spark plugs in your car. In this article we explain how you can change the spark plugs yourself if you have material and the necessary skill.


At best, it gives you the impression that it is the car's engine that trembles, when in fact the tremors are due to the car's axes being damaged. If your car has suffered a blow, even if it was not very serious and no apparent damage has occurred, it is possible that the axles have suffered the consequences. You should go to your mechanic to determine if this is the cause of the tremor.