How to know if my dog ​​has aborted

A pregnant bitch can lose her puppies, a situation known as miscarriage . If that loss occurs during the first weeks of pregnancy, your body may reabsorb the fetuses. It is important to know how these unwanted abortions occur to detect them in time, find some solution for the welfare of your pet and detect possible fertility problems. In .com we tell you how to know if your dog has aborted.

Steps to follow:


When it comes to a sudden loss of puppies it is a miscarriage. The pregnancy of a bitch lasts between 63 and 67 days (we tell you how long the pregnancy of a bitch lasts); also, depending on the size of the bitch will have a greater or lesser number of embryos. A chihuahua can breed up to two puppies and a female of German Shepherd up to eight.

In the womb of a pregnant female there is a very delicate universe that can be put in danger when an imbalance occurs.


Pregnancies are maintained thanks to a complex system of chemical reactions and balances that allow fetuses to get food and have optimal conditions to develop. It is important to know a bit how is the pregnancy of a bitch :

During the first weeks the embryos have not yet anchored to the uterine walls to finish their growth; These embryos depend entirely on the maternal fluid and its perfect chemical and biological balance, so that they develop without problem. Any alteration will turn the maternal womb into an uncomfortable space for the fetuses to survive.

In we tell you how to know if your dog is pregnant.


It is during the second half of the gestation process when everything becomes more delicate. The growth of the embryos in the belly accelerates and, around day 30, the main organs grow, the hearts begin to beat.

It is a very important moment of pregnancy and it is the moment in which the risk of spontaneous abortion is considerable. If the abortion occurs before the fifth week of pregnancy, the body may reabsorb the fetuses, so that there will be some lumps that will be visible in the belly of your dog.


When the death of embryos occurs so prematurely, the pregnancy of the bitch can go unnoticed and may not suffer any harm. It often happens that these abortions occur before it is known that your pet is pregnant. These early losses of fetuses are usually explained by problems of infertility even if there has been an abortion, the pregnancy may continue.

The death of some fetuses often does not mean the end of pregnancy; the development of the embryos can follow and the birth of some of the puppies takes place at the end of the gestation period.


Miscarriage is much more painful and visible when the dog suffers from the fifth week of gestation. The most obvious sign that something is not right is the appearance of abundant bleeding . That fluid may even have a greenish-brown color typical of the maternal placenta. This bleeding can include fetuses expelled by your dog's body.

A part of the blood, there is a sudden contraction of the abdomen. This narrowing causes a lot of pain and discomfort; In addition to these external symptoms, a bitch who aborts in the last weeks of pregnancy often feels sick. You may suffer from fever, loss of appetite, fatigue, depression, dehydration, diarrhea and vomiting, among other symptoms.


The most common cause of spontaneous abortion in the final stage of pregnancy is a hormonal imbalance in the womb of the bitch. The presence of a bacterium called Brucilla canis is a reason that can cause unexpected abortions, especially in animal shelters. There is also another parasite called Neospora caninum that is found in water, in contaminated food and in some fungi that can cause abortions in our pet.

So watch the presence of bacteria and parasites in your pet, it is recommended that you perform blood tests to detect them quickly. If you have had an abortion because of an infection, it will have to be treated immediately.