How to train a husky

If you are one of those who would like to have a friendly, relaxed and extremely intelligent dog, the husky is definitely an option for you. The husky are a race from the Siberian wolves, dogs very used to being in a pack, while still being autonomous. They have a reputation for being disobedient because they find it difficult to follow orders and therefore you must not only show leadership but also discipline to be the ideal company. You want to know more? Below we will give you a series of rules that every master should take into account if he wants to know how to train a husky to become the ideal dog.

Steps to follow:


Start training from an early age. A Siberian husky must be trained from the first months so that he can learn to carry out orders. The recommended age is from 3-4 months, otherwise they will begin to learn for themselves some behaviors that their master will have trouble tolerating.


Be firm in your indications. Since he was little the husky has to know who is the master, for that reason your orders must be clear and precise. Remember that they do not know human language but can understand with actions and short words like: "sit" "come" "here".


Take it out with ropes. It's not just about making walks in the mornings or nights to relieve yourself; husky must also learn commands such as going to the owner. Being true explorers, the use of the ropes will help you maintain control in case you want to leave in search of an adventure .


Rewarding is important, especially in the first training lessons . If the husky obeys an order like "come", you should give him some food and congratulate him on the good work.


No changes of opinions are valid. Once the order is executed, the dog must obey. As they are very stubborn by nature, you must have control as a master and make them see that your orders are for "already". Once the dog obeys remember to reward him for his good deed.


The compliments are important. Just as the goodies or food that you will give to your dog for his good action and obedience are important, so does the praise. An energetic praise plus a reward (candy) will be sufficient reward after obeying an order in its entirety. You should not reward half orders . If you have not done what you have asked for in form and time, you can not reward, otherwise you will be confusing the dog.


The punishments with intelligence. If your husky has committed a serious offense, you can punish his behavior in two ways: by taking them by the neck firmly (they will understand that something was wrong) or by putting them on the ground upwards, this also shows that you are the leader . However, you must be careful not to put too much pressure on the dog, some husky usually escape under the pressure of their master instead of confronting each other as other races would. You have to remember that it is an animal and above all fill you with patience.


Being a pack dog you need to feel company and invest a lot of time in it. Make sure you spend time with your dog sharing activities such as playing, running, exercising, long walks in nature and other activities that can be done in their company. Once accustomed to the street, you can release the husky from its rope and trust in its independence.


Constancy and above all patience. The husky are very independent and hunters, so a domestic life will take place to success only if the master spends time, patience and a lot of love for his dog.