How to treat psychological pregnancy in cats

The animal instinct is very powerful and one of the strongest is the desire to reproduce. When you have not castrated your cat, she can still have the zeal and try to have offspring, even if it is impossible. Think that it is an instinctive desire that has been frustrated and you will start to see some strange behavior in your cat but nature somehow tries to follow its course. In .com we tell you how to treat psychological pregnancy in cats .

Steps to follow:


When that natural reproductive instinct has been unsatisfied, your cat will begin to transmit its frustration through various types of vocalizations in the form of meows, attempts to escape to reach its goal, it may be somewhat distant and even manifest a certain aggressiveness in its behavior.

Sometimes, nature is dangerous and cruel, in a certain way, and the hormones incite your cat to think that it has been mounted and that it expects offspring. Which is not true, but your cat will be convinced that it is.


The psychological pregnancies of the cats have different degrees. Some cats can experience all the phases of a real pregnancy: getting fat, certain physical alterations, preparing the nest for childbirth, having milk ...

But there are others that only have some of the symptoms and their behavior is limited to take an object that you have at home and adopt it as your puppy was for a period of time. It is very common for cats to adopt another animal with which They share a house, whatever the species may be. In that case, they take him, pamper him, clean him, take care of him, protect him, just as they would do with their own puppies.

In this article we discover the symptoms of psychological pregnancy in cats so you can detect early if the animal is going through this situation.


If your cat is going through a psychological pregnancy, first of all, you should know that in principle it is not a serious problem . If the symptoms of your pet are not very extreme, it will be enough to hide the toy that you have taken as your own child and give it some natural and soft treatment.

But in the most serious cases you may have to take it to the veterinarian for treatment, in this case, usually administer a hormonal injection to stop the problem. If your cat continues with the symptoms and, for example, accumulates milk in the breast that nobody sucks, it could suffer mastitis.


There are cats that after a psychological pregnancy usually reproduce these symptoms and behavior again and again. If you think about it seriously, it is a very hard and emotional process for your pet, so if you want to avoid all these trances and discomforts, the most responsible decision is castration .

If you do not have in mind that your cat breeds, it avoids that it suffers these pregnancies. There are cases in which after this intervention may manifest another psychological episode but this because when the operation was performed, the hormonal cycle was already underway. In this intervention the ovaries are removed but the hormones continue to circulate throughout your body, so that false pregnancy can take place weeks after this heat.

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