10 foods that dogs can not eat and why

You have a dog? Then it is important that you know those foods that your best friend can NOT eat because, in doing so, he could suffer from strong indigestion, pronounced pains or, in the most extreme cases, death. They are foods that we take regularly and, therefore, we can fall into the error of giving our animal to enjoy its taste, in the same way that we do. But no! The needs of dogs are very different from ours and some foods that for us are 100% healthy for them can become very dangerous to health.

In this article we are going to discover the 10 foods that dogs can not eat and why so you can take care of your great friend as he needs.

Chocolate forbidden for dogs

Among the foods that can not eat dogs, chocolate deserves special mention because it is one of the most harmful to our animals. The reason is that it contains a substance known as " theobromine " and that, when taken by a dog, it is very difficult to metabolize by your body and, therefore, all this digestive process can lead to ailments such as abdominal pains, tremors, vomiting, low heart rate, etc.

In small quantities, the dog can feel stomach pains and dizziness but if we overdo it, we can cause spasms, convulsions and even a heart attack . Of all the varieties of chocolate, black turns out to be most harmful of all so be very careful!

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Onion and garlic, toxic for dogs

Another food that dogs can not eat is onion and garlic, whatever its presentation: raw, cooked, fried, and so on. These ingredients that we normally use to cook our dishes are toxic to animals because they have a substance called thioslfate that can poison our friends' bodies .

This chemical compound, when it comes into contact with the animal, reduces the presence of red blood cells in its cells and, therefore, can cause anemia. But, also, it can cause other effects such as, for example, the appearance of diarrhea, vomiting, appetite problem or even urinating with blood.

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Milk, another food that you can not give to a dog

Many people fall into the error of feeding their best friends with milk throughout their lives. They treat milk as a dish for breakfast, as children or us take it with coffee. But this practice, although for humans is not entirely harmful, for dogs it is a lot!

A dog only drinks breast milk when it is a puppy. Afterwards, he will drink water and feed himself with the food that will provide him with the necessary nutrients to be strong and healthy, therefore, milk should only be taken during the first weeks of life, never lengthen it longer. Why? Because, when they start to grow, these animals become lactose intolerant and, therefore, can begin to experience side effects such as vomiting, discomfort, dizziness, nausea, diarrhea, and so on.

The bones, not recommended for dogs

Although we believe that bones are ideal to give to our dogs, the truth is that it is not recommended at all, especially chicken bones . Basically because you can break a splinter while you bite them, that you ingest it without chewing it and that it pierces you inside or does some internal wound with risk of bleeding .

In addition, harder bones can also damage the tooth enamel, can break a tooth or can be traversed in the trachea or the mouth of the stomach causing a very dangerous drowning. So you better not give your dog any bones to avoid any accident.

Grapes, toxic for dogs

Another of the foods that dogs can not eat are grapes since their seed can be toxic to these animals. It is true that if you remove the seeds, your friend will be able to eat them but the best thing is to avoid giving them in case there is any particle stuck in the flesh of this fruit.

It is important to know that not all dogs have a toxic reaction to grapes, but the best thing is to avoid giving them just in case to avoid being harmed by eating this food. When a dog takes grapes he can feel effects such as diarrhea, muscle spasms, kidney pains, diarrhea, and so on.

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Caffeine, forbidden for dogs

Caffeine is another substance that you should avoid giving your dog because it can be very harmful to the animal. The reason is that it contains methylxanthine, that is, a substance that stimulates the nervous system of the animal and can produce adverse effects such as hyperactivity, cardiac acceleration, restlessness, dehydration, vomiting, and so on.

A dog can be poisoned by taking caffeine and feel an acceleration of its beats that can even lead to a heart attack. Theine is also a powerful stimulant that you should not give to your dog to avoid suffering from these effects and that put the animal's health in serious risk.

Avocado, never for a dog

Avocado or avocado is another food that you can not give to a dog because it contains a toxin known as "persin" and which is very harmful to our animal's organism. A poisoning with avocado can cause the dog to suffer from stomach pains, respiratory complications, malaise, and so on.

But, in addition to this toxin, the avocado is also very rich in fat and, therefore, is not at all recommended for these animals. Keep in mind that for a dog to enjoy a healthy diet it is essential to provide sources of food low in fat and rich in nutrients, an excess of fat can cause obesity and seriously complicate their well-being.

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Citrus fruits, forbidden for dogs

Among the foods that can not eat dogs, we also highlight citrus fruits because they are foods that contain citric acid and a chemical compound known as "limonin" and that is very harmful to the health and welfare of these animals. The citrus fruits are oranges, tangerines, lemon, grapefruit, and so on.

If a dog takes these foods in excess can feel related conditions such as diarrhea, vomiting, nervous system disorder, apathy, fatigue, and so on. Although it is true that each organism is different, it is best to avoid giving these fruits to the animal to avoid causing a picture of this type.

Nuts never for dogs

The nuts are also not recommended for dogs but, among all varieties, nuts stand out with their own light. The reason is that they are very rich in fats and in phosphorus, two components that consumed in large quantities can produce strong ailments to these animals.

In addition, it is dangerous for a dog to eat nuts because these fruits can cause the formation of stones in the kidneys ; they can also cause kidney damage, muscle spasms, diarrhea, and so on. Among all types of nuts, we highlight macadamia, which is very toxic because it is highly rich in phosphorus.

Sweets and sugars are not suitable for dogs

Surely more than once you've heard that dogs can not eat sugar but why? It turns out that sugar can cause a mismatch in the animal's glucose and cause the appearance of diabetes, a serious disease for these animals.

But, in addition to this, it also leads to the appearance of obesity, dental problems, and so on. The organism of dogs is very sensitive to sugar and, therefore, it is recommended that you never give them sweets or sugary products in order to bet on a balanced and healthy diet.