How to protect the credit card from possible thefts

Credit cards have greatly facilitated our lives when it comes to making payments and managing our finances, both physically and online. However, they have security issues that we must take into account if we do not want our savings to be at the mercy of anyone willing to leave the bank account in the webs. If you want to know how to protect your credit card from possible thefts, continue reading.

Steps to follow:


It is advisable to change the PIN of the card once you receive it and also periodically. You can do it directly at the ATM, but avoid using numbers that can be easily guessed, such as anniversaries dates.


Keep a backup at home with the information on the card that is necessary in case of theft, such as the emergency phone in case of loss or theft, to expedite the process when you report the incident.


Do not respond to any email that requests our banking information, the bank will never ask for such information by this means. If you receive an email of this type, surely it is an attempt of fraud through phishing, to get the data of your card, so mark it as spam and delete it.


Buy online using your card only in maximum security sites, using the https protocol (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure). You will recognize it by the padlock symbol that you will see next to the URL of the page. It is the protocol for the transfer of information used by websites such as banks and shops on the Internet, and in general any website that requires the sending of passwords and personal information. If you see an online store that does not offer this guarantee, you should be suspicious.


Break into small and illegible pieces receipts with charges to your credit card or any letter that has banking information, before throwing it away. Invoices that also contain confidential information should be stored in a secure place inside the home.


If you have a credit card with RFID technology (with radiofrequency) you will probably be aware of the security problems that have had from the beginning, and that are gradually being solved. Even so, if you want to have full security when you go with your card down the street, you can buy a special card sleeve and even a whole wallet. A homemade solution that can also be used is to create a handmade case with aluminum foil, but offers a much more limited protection.


Watch that you do not have anyone behind or very close when you go to get money from the ATM. There may be someone watching, hoping to keep the code on your card, to remove it from you then and take the money out of your account.


If it is not strictly necessary, always pay with cash in those establishments that are not completely trustworthy, especially if the amounts are not very large. So you will reduce risks.

  • Call your financial institution immediately if the card is stolen.
  • Always have the emergency number on hand in case of loss or theft, to call as soon as possible.
  • Keep at home all the information related to your cards and bank accounts in places that are not very obvious to thieves.