Procedures for driving abroad

When traveling abroad, whether for tourism, business or a long stay, it is important that we know the options we have to drive a car in our destination. The steps that we must take to have our regulatory circulation permit depend on the place we are traveling to and also on the number of months we are going to stay there. So that you are prepared for all the cases, in .com we explain to you in detail the procedures to drive abroad .

Steps to follow:


If we are going to travel to any country that is part of the European Union and for a maximum period of six months, we will not have to do any management to be able to drive, since our circulation permit issued by the Spanish Traffic Department will suffice. . Of course, we must be aware that the card is not going to expire while we are outside Spain, since neither the embassies nor the Spanish consulates carry out this type of renovation efforts.


If we are going to be more than six months in any of the countries of the European Union, what we have to do to be able to drive abroad is to go, with our Spanish circulation permit, to the corresponding departments of Traffic in our country of destination .

There, what we will do is register our driving license, that is, we will not exchange it, we will not give our driver's license, but we will register it in that country and we will drive with our usual permission, but already registered in the country.

If we prefer, we have the option to exchange it, that is, to deliver our Spanish card and to give us that country's card. While all the procedures have been completed, we will have an additional period of six months to start driving with our Spanish permit .


To be able to drive in other countries abroad that are not from the European Union, we will also have a period of six months to be able to circulate as tourists, but as it is possible that in some State we have a bureaucratic problem, it is advisable that we take out a card. international It is a permit that is valid for one year, throughout the world and is covered by the UN.


The procedure to obtain the international driving license is very simple and does not even require a prior appointment. It is carried out in any delegation of the General Directorate of Traffic. We need to take with us our registration certificate, the DNI and a recent photograph, in addition to paying a fee that does not reach 10 euros. At the moment we will have our international driving license ready to travel.


In the event that we are going to settle in a country outside the European Union for a long period of more than a year, we will have to inform ourselves in our destination of the procedures that we will have to do in order to circulate, but the usual thing is that we we have to take out the driving license from scratch.