How to be a good pedestrian

Pedestrians, although we are the most fragile part of the system of circulation, we can also cause an accident with damage to other people if there are cases such as that a driver is forced to swerve to avoid us. With the proliferation of cyclists and bicycle lanes, there are more and more rules that we must comply with. Soon, standards will be approved in Spain that affect us and that can suppose a penalty in case of non-compliance. In .com we explain how to be a good pedestrian .

Steps to follow:


It is not a law yet, but it is an appropriate behavior. If we have used drugs or any medicine that limits our faculties, the most convenient thing is that we do not walk alone on the street, since we can be victims of an accident caused by ourselves and in which other people can be harmed, too.

The Spanish Congress is already studying a rule that provides that pedestrians will be required to undergo a drug test in the event that they have committed an infraction.


To be a good pedestrian, we have to walk in the place that corresponds to us, that is, on the sidewalk. It is true that sometimes bad drivers leave their cars parked in a way that forces us to invade the road. In this case, we must do as close to the vehicle as we can and accelerating the pace to reduce our passage on the road as much as possible.


To cross, we must do it by the zebra crossings, if we can, by those who have a traffic light, since we will thus contribute to the agility of the traffic. In any case, a good pedestrian must always cross the steps of zebra at a brisk pace, without running, and always looking on both sides of the road in case some clueless driver has not seen us and would have to hit a braking to let us pass.


When crossing the road, pedestrians should do so in a straight line, so that we do it as quickly as possible, and never diagonally or zigzagging.


When we walk on the sidewalks of the city, we must be aware of the circulation and especially of the fords that indicate the presence of garages, to avoid being run over by a vehicle that wants to be incorporated into the road.


In front of a car that is making a maneuver, pedestrians should never pass behind him, as a mistake can cause an accident. We must always surround the car to walk ahead, so that the driver can see us clearly.


If we are forced to walk on a highway, never motorways or highways, we must always do it on the side where the cars come to us, so that we can see them arrive.


A good pedestrian should never walk on the bike path and, in addition, when we are forced to cross it we must look both ways as if it were the road.