How to buy a second-hand car in Germany

If we want to get a high-end car at a relatively affordable price, in the second-hand market in Germany we can find what we are looking for. Whether we are fans of this type of vehicle or want to do business and resell it in Spain, in the German country we can choose from a wide range of luxury second hand cars. So that you know how to complete all the procedures, in .com we explain how to buy a car in Germany .

Steps to follow:


The best way to prevent the trip to Germany is too long, is that we choose from Spain what car we want or, at least, we already have an approximate idea of ​​what we are looking for and how much it can cost us.

Here we will find our best ally on the Internet. The portals of the big brands usually have a section of used cars and there are websites specialized in the matter.


Once the car is selected , we will have to travel to Germany to make the purchase . The air connections with Spain, although with stops, are good; so the plane is a suitable alternative. At this point, we will have to choose if we want to return driving our new car or else we will bring it by truck. This last option is somewhat more expensive, but not too expensive, with an approximate cost of 500 euros.


Once in the country and at the dealership that we have chosen, we will pay for the car . Being Spain and Germany members of the European Union, we will not have problems with taxes like VAT, we will pay in Germany and we will not have to pay it in Spain. The currency, the euro, is also the same.

One of the essential documents to make the payment, in addition to the actual economic ones depending on the chosen alternative, is the passport, which will perform the functions of the DNI.


To pass the ITV, there will be no problem since the concessionaires are responsible for arranging the appointment with certified personnel who will go to the establishment to do the tests, so the procedures are simplified to the maximum.


With our car purchased in Germany and the last ITV, we have to go to a traffic office to finish the bureaucratic procedures. Although there are some that open all day, the normal schedule is from nine in the morning to twelve in the afternoon, so we should not be confused or extend the entire day.


Already in Spain, we will have to go to the ITV so that the car passes a new revision.


The next step is to pay the relevant taxes in the Treasury. Actually, everything has to be done through the portal of the Tax Agency, where we will have to download the model 576. To do this, we must have a user certificate.


Before going to the Directorate General of Traffic, a sworn translator must pass to us all the documents that we must provide to register the car : invoice and Traffic procedures carried out in Germany .


Then, on the DGT page, we downloaded the registration application form and went with all the documents to register our car purchased in Germany .


It is a somewhat long and expensive process, but the difference in price with a high-end car purchased in Spain is worth it.