How to get organized to make ends meet

We must all face a large amount of fixed expenses each month: the house (rent or mortgage), electricity, water, community, insurance or purchase are payments that must be borne by all families. But, also, depending on the activities or lifestyle of each one, you can increase spending on clothing, gym, transport, and so on. Therefore, it is very important to organize and have a list of income and expenses to be able to face everyone without having to worry. In this article we explain how to organize to make ends meet.

Steps to follow:


The first thing to know how to organize to get to the end of the month is to put on the table the income of the family, and the fixed expenses that they have. In this way you can organize to arrive at the end of the month without surprises. Of the total income you will have to subtract the costs of each of the obligatory payments: house, electricity, gas, community, schools or insurance. In short everything that must be paid yes or yes.


With the money that remains after paying all the above, you must make a purchase of the month . To organize it effectively, make a list of the products you need and try not to deviate from it.

Locate the cheapest market in your area and carry reusable bags or car. Do not go hungry because you will want to buy more than necessary. Bet on the white marks as they will help you save money without sacrificing quality.

For meat, choose chicken or turkey, since it is cheaper than veal and pork and also healthier. Vegetables, rice or potatoes are inexpensive foods that last long and can be the first courses.


After making the purchase of the month it is recommended that you keep the money that is left for possible contingencies or to save it as family savings.

In addition, to organize leisure activities, such as dinners in restaurants or going to the movies, you can always use the offers and promotions that are in the magazines and / or in the network. In this way, if you can and want to give them a treat you will also save money that you will notice at the end of the month .


To learn how to organize to get to the end of the month, it is advisable that, whenever possible, you walk to the sites as you will save money on transportation. You can also choose to go by subway or bus as in the car, in addition to gasoline, you may have to spend money at the time of parking.


Try to save energy . To do this, raise the blinds in the morning so that light and heat enter and lower them in the evening to avoid wasting the heating and keeping the heat. In the case of light, try turning it on only if necessary. The start is the biggest expense and if you're not going to stay in the room for a while, you'll be spending more. Do not leave appliances plugged in or stand by because they also use light. Also, do not hesitate to check your bill in case they charge you more consumption of the account at abusive prices.


If you have to buy an extra product that you did not have at the time of organizing the month, check out web pages or second-hand stores. You will save money and usually have very interesting things.

  • In general, following two recommendations: make a list and follow it to the letter and, for the rest, always consult offers, you will notice that arriving at the end of the month is easier